Did Our Listener Turn Savage And Take The Coachella Tickets?

Our listener didn’t know whether to break up with her boyfriend before or after Coachella, even though the relationship is clearly over, but thanks to everyone calling in she has made a final decision! Will she date or eliminate? If you missed Wednesday's story get caught up here .
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Would You Stay With Your SigFig Because They Bought YOU Coachella Tickets?

Yikes! Would YOU continue to date or eliminate? Your relationship isn't going too well, but your significant other bought you Coachella tickets. Do you take one for the team and go as a couple or break-up with them leaving you guilt-free? Listen to see what our listener decided to do! -- Morning...
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Brie Larson

SCREENSHOTS: 'Captain Marvel' Tickets on Sale After Another New Trailer Is Revealed

Start your planning now for March 8th
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