SoCal Companies That Are Providing Aid and Free Services You Should Know About

Companies across SoCal are providing aid and free services in the community!
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BrooOOO, How Many Times Did You Say Bro, Bro?

Edgar went to the Conelo fight over the weekend when he noticed people from SoCal say 'bro' a little too much. LOL. Unfortunately, using the word "bro" is in our SoCal veins. How many times do you hear these bros say bro?
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Freeway Battles: How Many SoCal Cities Can You Name?

Today on Freeway Battles we have Ashley reppin the 57 and Matthew reppin the 55. They will battle out who can name the most SoCal cities. Who will name the most cities without repeating or hitting a road block? 3-2-1- Get mapping!
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