hear this, mccabe

McCabe's 'Hear This' Recap

Find out all the new music McCabe played this week 1/13-1/17!
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Workout Playlist

Krystal's Beeast Mode Workout Playlist

New year, new you!
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Justin Bieber's 'Yummy' Announcement: 2020 Tour, New Single Dropping Next Week

2020 will be the year of Justin Beiber. Bieber, who has taken a backseat in the music industry for the last few years, is returning full-force in the new decade with a brand new single, album, tour, and docu-series. The Biebs surprised Beliebers on Christmas Eve posting a video to social media to...
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Study: 78 Minutes of Music a Day Improves Mental Health

There have been been plenty of studies that prove the health benefits of music, but just how much of a daily intake do you need to start reaping the benefites? 78 minutes. A study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy found that listening to music for that amount of time helps maintain good...
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Madonna Turns 61: The Queen of Pop's Most Iconic Moments

Today is Madonna's birthday. All hail the Queen! The rise to the top wasn't an easy one for the Queen of Pop . The star hustled it out after dropping out of college in 1978 and moving to New York. She said of her early relocation to the big city, "It was the first time I'd ever taken a plane, the...
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DJ Majestik's AMP Mini Mix - 05/08/2019

Running late to work and missed Majestik's morning show mini mix? Click here to keep you pumped in the office or turn up in traffic. Catch DJ Majestik's Mini Mix every weekday morning at 7:50 a.m. PST.
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#ICYMI: The AMP Hype Bros Take On Vegas

#ICYMI The AMP Hype Bros are headed to Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, but they can't go to Vegas without accepting a THREE part challenge by the AMP Morning Show. Will the Bros be able to get back to LA in one piece? The #VegasChallenges have been issued! Let’s go @amphypebros WHAT DO YOU...
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Name That Song: Melonie From Carson

Don't let DJ Majestik distract you! Try not to feel the beat, this game is all about the lyrics. Can you name your favorite AMP songs based off the lyrics ONLY?
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Did Our Listener Turn Savage And Take The Coachella Tickets?

Our listener didn’t know whether to break up with her boyfriend before or after Coachella, even though the relationship is clearly over, but thanks to everyone calling in she has made a final decision! Will she date or eliminate? If you missed Wednesday's story get caught up here .
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Name That Song: Did A Contestant Admit They Cheated?

It's game time! We have two contestants on the line competing to name that song. DJ Majestik remixes your favorite AMP tracks, but make sure you're only listening to the lyrics to score a point. But, wait...does a contestant admit they cheated during the game?! Will they get the prize?
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