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Chelsea Briggs, The New Guys, 97.1 AMP Radio Morning Show

Chelsea Novela: Should She Stick To The Date Or Send Back His Sweater?

Chelsea has planned a date with Cinderchella and it's been set in stone for about a week. She also still has his sweater that she wants to give back to him. However, she's been spending almost everyday with Tinkerbell - who is totally winning her heart. Should she cancel her date with Cinderchella...
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OMG! Dating Red Flags: What Have You Found In Your Date's Home?

The date is going great, you decide to go to their place, but then you find THIS ONE THING that has you running out the door. What are the red flags you found when going to your date's house?
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Would You Date Someone With An Air Mattress?

Tiffany and Max decided they were ready for a date after playing our Hook-Up Hotline (radio speed dating) and we agreed it was great match. The couple went out this weekend, but Tiffany found something a little bit strange after going to his place. Will she be down for a second date?
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