#DidYouDirty: How Did You Find Out You Were Being Cheated On?

Nina found out her girlfriend of 14 years cheated on her with her brother's best friend. Hickies never lie!!! How did you find out you were being cheated on?
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Brian Moote, The New Guys, 97.1 AMP Radio Morning Show

Can Brian's Relationship Be Over Thanks To A Roommate Rumor?

Brain is freaking out! His girlfriend has a hot new roommate and her "friends" are coming up with theories why Brian is totally trusting her. This can mean the end of his relationship. Ugh! Has a false rumor ever ruined your relationship?
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She Stayed After Her Man Slept With A Family Member

OMG! Connie from Riverside vents about how her husband did her dirty by sleeping with a family member. She decided to stay in the relationship. Would you let this brush off?
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