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The Morning Mess

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Joey Boy, the Puerto Rican Miracle, is that instigator in your life you love but also roll your eyes at. When Joey Boy isn’t making jokes (mostly inappropriate) on the radio, he’s with The Hot Wife and their 17 kids.

Aneesh... that gay teddy bear you can't help but love. When he's not slaying the radio waves you can find him out on the streets in a bikini, teaching Beyoncé choreography or out with the Gay Mafia having a mimosa… or seven. 

Jeana's your "voice of reason" on The Morning Mess. She's sassy, witty and loving. Her hobbies include over-sharing her life on Instagram, cooking, and trying to keep her busy household in one piece. Her husband Bryce is a stay-at-home Dad to their sweet little babies, Maeve & Shep.

Karla is the fiery young Latina! When she’s not a hot mess on the radio, you’ll probably run into her eating chicken nuggets on the dance floor at the club!