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If you love surprises, then you'll really love Edgar because he is a "surprise baby"...his parents had no idea he was coming, but were happy to have him! He was born in Ocotlan, Jalisco, Mexico. Arriba Las Chivas! 

He immigrated to Santa Ana when he was 5, along with his parents and two older brothers (who weren't surprises). He learned to speak English by listening to LA radio and now he's on LA radio, which he sees as a blessing and an awesome American Dream come true! 

Edgar is absolutely in love with his wife Janet and 1-year-old daughter Ariela who, thanks to Janet, is absolutely gorgeous! Edgar's biggest conflict is trying to get rid of his Lonjas (love handles) without giving up on Tacos Al Pastor! He's all about love, hope and positive vibes! 

Edgar decribed in 3 words? Faith, Family, and Tacos.

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Edgar Sotelo, AMP Radio morning show