Brian Moote, The New Guys, 97.1 AMP Radio Morning Show


Mon-Fri: 6AM-10AM

Brian Moote is a stand up comedian and radio host originally from Whidbey Island, WA and now living in West Hollywood with his tiny Chihuahua mutt Moxie.

He has lived in Seattle, Boston, Atlanta and New York, but Los Angeles has always been his favorite because it is nice in January and he can torture his friends in cold places with beach pictures while they freeze.

Brian also has a BS in psychology and a master's degree in social work which he doesn't use, but flaunts in front of people to make them think that he is highly educated... It rarely works.

When he isn't in the 97.1 AMP Radio studio, or telling jokes onstage, you can generally find him outdoors somewhere hiking or exploring because he has trouble sitting still indoors.