Yesi Ortiz Guest DJs on Price Is Right!

February 5, 2019

Growing up watching the Price Is Right I would dream about playing PLANKO, spinning the wheel and even winning on the showcase showdown. When I was asked to be there guest DJ for Grammy week I died! I couldn't believe my childhood dream of one day seeing the real set of the P.I.R. was about to be real life! I was going to be playing music during commercial break for the audience and get to rep my 97-1 AMP FAMILY on National pressure!! I brought DJ Alex D with me to keep my cool and to help me sneak out with the snacks in her back pack haha. 

I pulled up to the CBS lot and saw all the contestants waiting in line to enter the building, we were escorted through the back area where all the different props, games and even cars where parked. It was a huge warehouse of toys! 

The moment came as Alex D and I were escorted to the DJ booth and we plugged in the computer, played some hip hop and the audience immedietely began to dance.  I stepped out to head to the restroom before I got stuck for the hour taping...that's when I saw Drew Carey walking towards me and said "Hi Yesi! How Are you?" I had the cheesiest smile on my face and said "I'm excited to be here thank you!" to which he replied "great to finally meet you, been a fan for a long time, thank you for coming" again, if it's at all possible, I died again. 

After that...does anything else really matter??? DREAMS DO COME TRUE! 

One of the most legendary moments in my ENTIRE LIFE! I can't believe I got to rep my @971ampradio family on @therealpriceisright as a special guest DJ for #GrammyWeek! It's been such a special show to me since childhood AND @drewfromtv actually says my name!? -- Shout out to @djalexd_ for holding me down! Tomorrow 2.05.19 watch at 11AM EST/ 10am PST.

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