Lady Gaga

Emma McIntyre / Staff

The Top 10 Songs by Lady Gaga

March 28, 2019

Happy Birthday to our Monster Queen, Lady Gaga! From the very start of her music career to now, Ms. Gaga has had the wildest music career and has no doubt earned her spot as one of the greatest female artists of our time. To celebrate our queen’s birthday, here is our list of the top 10 Gaga songs of all time.

10. Alejandro

The follow-up song after smash hits, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Bad Romance,’ Lady Gaga hit us with another favorite. ‘Alejandro’ brings dramatic synth beats and a catchy hook that continues to pull us listeners in.

9. Born This Way

Born This Way is one of Gaga’s lyrically iconic songs. It took the world by storm with its inspiring lyrics and catchy beats. To this day, it will be known as the gay anthem in Gaga’s discography.

8. You and I

With Queen’s Brian May on guitar, ‘You and I’ is one of Gaga’s more rock songs. The drumbeat and the guitar riffs have you bobbing your head and swaying along, the classic ‘I love rock and roll’ salute on your hands.

7. Telephone

One of the most unforgettable collaborations, ‘Telephone’ features the vocals of our two queens: Lady Gaga and Beyonce. This song still remains as one of pop music’s greatest empowerment songs. This fierce duet is still celebrated on social media to this day.

6. Just Dance

Probably known as the first song we heard by Lady Gaga, her debut single catapulted her into the pop music scene. This song grew to new heights since its release and became the theme song for our favorite dancing video game, Just Dance, since DDR.

5. The Edge of Glory

For some reason, this is the one song everyone references when they say “I’m on the edge.” Another one of Ms. Gaga’s songs, The Edge of Glory pulls inspiration just after her grandfather’s passing.

4. Poker Face

‘Poker Face’ has this infectious attitude to it that makes you want to open up the dance floor and break out into a planned choreography. From the fast beats to the fun lyrics, there’s something so catchy about this song.

3. Paparazzi

The evocative lyrics of this song showcases Gaga’s inner thoughts of what it’s like to be a pop star. You could look at this song through the eyes of an artist, a crazed fan, or even predatory paps. This song was a huge summer hit with its techno-pop melody and its crazy catchy hook.

2. Bad Romance

One of Gaga’s older hits, but still her best hit to date. This song features all of her talents and her whole persona in just one song. It was also the song that quickly earned her the status of an international pop star.

1. Shallow

Currently, ‘Shallow’ is Gaga’s number one song. It was already a hit when ‘A Star Is Born’ was released, but after the beautifully romantic performance at The Oscars this year with co-star Bradley Cooper, ‘Shallow’ remains the reigning song on the charts.