Celebrating International Women's Day: AMP Radio Boss Ladies

March 6, 2020
International Womans Day, AMP Radio

It's International Women's Day and we want to shoutout the boss ladies at AMP Radio! Get to know them, how they started their careers and how you can be a boss lady too!


Yesi Ortiz 

On-Air Monday-Friday 3P-7P

"Music was my escape from a lot of pain and being able to channel my love to something so special, like radio, allows me to connect with a community who might need some extra joy.”

Yesi Ortiz, International Womans Day


Chelsea Briggs 

AMP Morning Show 6A-10A

"Celebrate what makes you unique and remember there's room at the top for everyone! Work hard, get good at your craft, create your own opportunities, be kind to others and the other stuff will fall into place."

Chelsea Briggs is a multi-media radio/ TV personality and Billboard News correspondent.  In 2016, Chelsea was recruited by Billboard to help build-out their "Billboard News" online video department, having already done so with her own entertainment news company years leading up. Chelsea has become one of the global charts brand's go-to correspondents for red carpets, live shows, festival coverage, artist interviews and more. In addition to working at Billboard, Chelsea also helps SoCal wake up every morning as she’s one of three hosts on 97.1 AMP Radio’s morning show alongside Booker and Krystal Bee. 

Before her current positions at Billboard and AMP Radio, Chelsea got her start in the industry ten years prior -- building from the ground up; the online entertainment brand known as, Hollywire TV, which being the girl boss she is, sold about 3 years ago.  Her fresh approach to covering the daily news made her a trailblazer in the on-line video space and earned her more than 900+ million views on YouTube and over 2 million subscribers.​

Over the years, Chelsea has also hosted for Dick Clark Production, MTV, VH1, Clevver TV, Ovation TV and more.

Chelsea Briggs, International Womans Tour


Krystal Bee

AMP Morning Show 6A-10A / Saturdays 6A-12PM

"Each woman is one of a kind and oh, so special! Being a woman in this industry you don’t find too many of us but when I started in radio I knew i wanted to be an example for others that we too, can lead these rolls in music. I’m so honored to be on a team with lots of women who are the definition of what strength and bad-assery is!!"

krystal bee

Christen Limon

On-Air Monday-Friday 10A-3P / 12P-6P Saturday-Sunday

"Women are tough and have skin thicker than leather which is necessary in any industry. Don’t ever let rejection discourage you and get in the way of your goals. Instead, let it fuel your drive. the future is female, and there’s a lot of bad ass ones at AMP!"

Born and raised in East LA. Landed my first “adult” job as a phone-op at AMP Radio back in 2011 after graduating with a bachelors degree from UC Davis (film studies major and a double minor in Spanish and Chicano Studies). After a couple years of sacrifice, hard work and hustle, i became the assistant producer for Mornings with Carson Daly, a position which was non-existent at the time. In 2016 i got my first full time on air gig which was short lived (fired for taking advantage of an opportunity to advance my career - this kind of thing does happen!) but ultimately brought me back to AMP which was always my end goal. I was the first ever weekend jock on AMP Radio and now get to hold down middays.

Christen Limon, International Womans Day


DJ Alex D.

On- Air Monday-Friday 6P-12AM / Saturday-Sunday 6P-12AM

"Music also taught me not to be afraid of who I am."

I’ve always been around music. When I was a kid and went to speech therapy, my therapist told me that if I talked in a beat then I wouldn’t stutter. Music has not only been a passion, but it literally saved me. In 2014, I came out as a lesbian and embraced the LGBTQ community with open arms. Being a gay woman is hard, but I am so proud of who I am and all of the other woman who are strong and brave enough to share their stories. Fast forward to 2020, I’m currently on 3 radio stations (AMP, CHANNEL Q, and FIRELANE), and am heard by millions of people across the nation- both on air and DJing. 

DJ Alex D, Inernational Womans Day


DJ Sophenom

On-Air Saturday Night Party Mix 11P-3AM

“Find your thing and put your own spin on it.”

DJ Sophenom arrived to Cal State Los Angeles as transfer student, and joined the university’s radio club, Golden Eagle Radio, as a basic member. Sophenom grew into a leadership as the club’s President & Station Manager. Eventually, the students launched Cal State L.A.’s 1st Webcast Station (Golden Eagle Radio) under her leadership. During Sophenom’s studies at the university she also played and active role on the Forensics Speech & Debate Team, ASI, and was a member of The National Communication Honor Society. DJ Sophenom holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from California State University Los Angeles. DJ Sophenom has held postions at Power106 Los Angeles and currently holds an on-air slot on 97.1 AMP Radio.

Sophenom, International Womans Day