Harry Styles Released a Track List Hint and the Guesses are Rolling In

November 7, 2019
Harry Styles

Written by Megan Marusak

Harry Styles has definitely been treating us fans with kindness this month. We’ve been blessed with a new single, an album release date, and a super exclusive one night only show at the Forum. But now, he’s teasing us even more by giving us a very cryptic hint as to what the titles of his songs on the album might be.

Harry Styles

Track two must be 'Watermelon Sugar', which links back to his October 22nd tweet, "Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run". It's safe to assume that track eleven is named after his famous phrase, "Treat People With Kindness". And of course, the last track must be named after the album title, 'Fine Line'.

Any guesses on what some of the other song titles might be? Not to be conceited, but looks like track nine just might be 'Radio.Com'...