Check Out LA's Newest Interactive Art Space: Flutter Experience

November 21, 2019
Flutter Experience Los Angeles

Los Angeles's newest immersive art experience is not just here for cool Instagram photos and clout.

The Flutter Experience is an all-sense invigorating, multi-room art installation that is meant to "do good." Their mission is to "make art accessible and fun" and to "promote kindness and tolerance."

Flutter 0

A portion of every ticket purchased to attend The Flutter Experience is donated to Lady Gaga's, Born This Way Foundation. The mission of The Born This Way Foundation is to "create a kinder and braver world." The Born This Way Foundation seeks "to support the mental and emotional wellness of young people by putting their needs, ideas, and voices first."

In Flutter's first installation, artists were asked to create interactive experiences based on the theme "the art of play." Themes and art will rotate every six months. Flutter works with a highly diverse group of acclaimed artists in order to share queer themes and identities, feminists thoughts, and the work of people of color.

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Among some of the artists featured is Jacolby Satterwhite, who is most well known for his audio and visual work. Viewers experiencing Satterwhite's work are able to connect through a VR simulation, which not only gives the viewer insight into the world through Satterwhite's eyes but also allows for a very whimsical yet visceral viewing of his artwork. Each segment of the Flutter Experience is incredibly tactile. Whether you're guided into a room to rearrange brightly colored geometric shapes on a velcro wall or into a room to experience the vibrations of sound, the artists featured at Flutter allow you to connect with the art in front of you, while also taking a break from the day to day mental stressors that we all face.


While The Flutter Experience lets the viewer leave with interesting images and content to post on one's feed, Flutter also allows the viewer to walk away from the experience feeling deeply satisfied. Flutter is more than just an instant gratification moment. Viewers are educated about the art they are interacting with and how these various installations are meant to benefit one's mental well-being.


You absolutely do not want to miss Flutter's very first exhibit! Discover more about "The Art of Play" and click here for ticket info.


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