Zayn Malik Gets Candid About His Newfound Confidence, Niall Horan, & Fifth Harmony

April 12, 2018

By Sarah Carroll

On the heels of releasing his new single 'Let Me,' Zayn Malik called into The New Guys to chat with Edgar, Brian, and Chelsea about what he's been up to since he dropped his debut solo album back in 2016.

On growing his confidence...

The main difference, for me, personally speaking, would be my confidence. I feel like that it's a much more confident, grown up, adult record. It was a transitional period from the band into me becoming the artist I want to be and I feel like this record really solidifies that. You know, people have preconceptions of everything. The glitz and glam, whether you're famous or you're a musician or whatever your job may be in the limelight, but you know, everybody has issues. Everybody has insecurities and sometimes it can become the forefront of what you think about and that can misconstrue your perception. I think the main thing that you gotta do is just admit to yourself that that is what's happening, that each day is a new start and a new chance to make yourself a better person, so that's the way I look at things now.

Advice for Fifth Harmony...

Me personally, I never professed to be an expert in any area of things. I do feel like there's always a very specific thing that catered to each individual. Depending on which artist comes out of Fifth Harmony and depending on what they want to do musically, I'm sure they'll all have their own plans and whatever will work for them will work for them individually.

On whether he feels pressure to compete musically with his One Direction bandmates...

You know what? I actually spoke to Niall [Horan> a couple days ago. The truth of it is, it's not even like that, to be honest. I wish it was a bit more like that. We just really support each other and I even spoke to him the other day. I was saying to him I'm really proud of how well his music's doing. It's almost like an older brother watching him and it was cool to have that conversation with him. So yeah, we support each other. There's no real competition, I don't think, between us.

On training for his 'Let Me' fight scene...

You're not going to believe me! I turned up to set. I used to do a bit of martial arts when I was a kid, nothing to that extent. I had a bit of practice...basic stance and how to throw punches, so they basically taught me that in about 20 minutes and it turned out really well. I was really happy with the way it came out. 

Listen to the entire interview below!