Sarah Carroll/97.1 AMP Radio

Normani Opens Up About Fifth Harmony Hiatus

April 20, 2018

By Sarah Carroll

The news of Fifth Harmony's hiatus was shocking to many of their biggest fans, but what did Normani feel like the day she parted ways with her group? She told The New Guys on 97.1 AMP Radio all about it.

"Obviously we knew that it was going to happen, but just having everyone else now understand what was taking place, it made it even more real for me," she explained to Edgar, Chelsea, and Brian. "And people texting you being like, Oh my god, are you okay? What happened?’ It’s kind of like you being upset about a situation and somebody asking if you’re crying, right? And it makes it worse!"

"It was definitely tough, but I think it’s a rebirth," she continued. "You know, it’s like a piece of you feels like it died. But I mean, everything that we did was not in vain and if you think about it, girls from different parts of the world, different walks of life and as much as we achieved, it’s incredible. It’s rare."

That new beginning includes Khalid. The duo released their sultry collab "Love Lies" back in February.

"‘Love Lies’ just kind of came into fruition because me and Khalid are the best of friends," Normani said. "It wasn’t someone saying, ‘Okay, I’m gonna stick you in a room with this artist,’ which sometimes definitely does happen, but we were just so eager to get into the studio and see what we could create."

The track is just the kickstarting point for Normani's solo career. She hopes to release her debut album by the end of this year.

"I’m excited because it’s the first time I have full control. It can be whatever it is I’m inspired by, like, I even want to take it back to like 90’s R&B. That’s what I grew up listening to, so why not have those inspirations and influences in my record. I’m gonna take some inspo from that and then also, I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I wanna just have a little bit of influence there as well."

Watch the full interview with The New Guys below!