Janelle Monáe: I'm A Proud Queer Woman

April 26, 2018

Sarah Carroll/97.1 AMP Radio


By Sarah Carroll

Janelle Monáe is a proud queer woman. She opened up to The New Guys just hours after her revealing Rolling Stone cover story dropped.

"I'm a proud queer woman. I just feel that it's super important to vocally say that because representation does matter," she explained to Edgar, Chelsea, and Brian. 

Monáe hopes her new album Dirty Computer, which drops Friday, will empower those who feel disenfranchised for being different. 

"And I think when you have suicide rates going up,when you have the bullying, when you have maybe even the drug usage because people are not feeling comfortable being their unique selves because of the societal norms and the pressures of conforming, or because you know, they feel like they have to erase parts of them because they're not socially accepted."

"I felt like through my truth," she continued. "It could help other people walking their truth and breathe a little easier, you know?"