Charlie Puth Reveals Why 'Voicenotes' Is His Musical Baby

May 10, 2018

By Sarah Carroll

Charlie Puth finally dropped his second solo album today, but believe it or not, all he wanted to talk about was creating a music career for our very own Chelsea!

It all started when the 26-year-old singer asked The New Guys co-host to hum a note. It was a total disaster, but Puth was inspired by the moment and even came up with her epic stage name. 

“Chelsea The Wreck," he laughed. "And then once you get really popular, like your music starts really becoming a full on disaster, you just go by Wreck, like Cher. You have a house in Malibu, but it’s the worst house on the block!”

All jokes aside, Charlie Puth couldn't be more proud of his new album Voicenotes. It was a labor of love because he had to delay the initial release date to get the music just right.

"[The songs] make me feel a certain way when I’m performing them, like knowing that I can name each kick drum that’s within the mix, each high hat, each little [makes percussion noise]."

"The structure of the song, I know like the back of my hands," he continued. "So it’s easy for me to get on stage and to perform these records because I wrapped my heart around them and my story is all around them so much."

Watch The New Guys' full interview with Charlie Puth below: