Nina Nesbitt Had To Conquer Her Nerves To Tour With Ed Sheeran

April 16, 2018

Sarah Carroll/97.1 AMP Radio

By Sarah Carroll

Nina Nesbitt has traveled the world, performing alongside the likes of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, but it wasn't that long ago the folk pop singer was performing in tiny venues for just a handful of people.

"[Ed Sheeran’s] a really nice guy. He invited me to support him on tour for one of his shows and I guess that was the first chance I got to be in front of loads of people," Nesbitt told McCabe in the SoCal Honda Sound Stage at AMP Radio. "I went from playing to like ten people in a pub to playing thousands of people and being in this music industry, you really have to get out of your comfort zone fast."

"You freak out and then just get over it," she continued. "And then you’re like, ‘Fine. Put me in a stadium!’"

Nesbitt hasn't let the success go to her head. In fact, her single "Somebody Special" is a song all about her adorably ordinary dates with her boyfriend.

"I have this concept about when I got back with my ex-boyfriend, who’s now my boyfriend again, and it’s about when you first start falling for someone and all the really boring, mundane things seem really exciting for some reason just because you’re with that person. Like, we’d go to our version of Walmart on a Friday night…we’d just buy candy and ice cream. We’d just have the best time in Walmart walking about together."

"Being with somebody who makes you feel great, you could be anywhere doing anything," she added.

Watch McCabe's full interview with Nina Nesbitt below!