We Can Survive Interview: G-Eazy Says Playing WCS is a "No-Brainer"

October 20, 2018

(Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Radio.com)

McCabe sat down with G-Eazy backstage at the Hollywood Bowl to chat about returning to We Can Survive and his latest album, The Beautiful & Damned.

"Certain things in music, in my career, in my life, that are just no-brainers and this is just always an amazing thing to be a part of," says G-Eazy about his return to We Can Survive.

"I was on tour for almost 8 or 9 months. Time flies so fast, but within that space of time we watched the music grow and evolve and reach people, and take on really a life of its own," he says. "There will always be those polar opposite sides of my personality, in terms of my artist G-Eazy, and then the personal life of Gerald. I'm really enjoying that one right now, I just got home off all this touring, I had my house remodeled and redone, and I'm just enjoying being a person again and living again."