Arlissa Explains Why She Relaunched Her Singing Career On Facebook

April 17, 2018

Sarah Carroll/97.1 AMP Radio

By Sarah Carroll

At age 19, Arlissa signed her first record deal, but it wasn't the fairy tale she had always dreamed of. 

"It didn’t work out at all. I had no control, no freedom," she told McCabe in the SoCal Honda Sound Stage at AMP Radio. "I went from writing my own songs to just being told what to do all the time and it really sucked for a good four years. Four years of being told, ‘No, that’s not who you are.’ It took a while to get out of that."

But the English singer-songwriter never gave up on her dream. Once her contract ended, she began releasing her own music on Facebook.

"‘Hearts Ain’t Gonna Lie,’ which is a song that I have out now, I posted that last November. That went crazy viral. It got more than two million views in less than a week. Just watching it go crazy, crazy, crazy. And then Jonas Blue found it, contacted me through Facebook, and then we made a version together. And now I’m here sitting with you, McCabe!"

Watch McCabe's entire interview with Arlissa below!