Superstar Producer Benny Blanco Talks To AMP Morning Show

October 30, 2018

By: Scott T. Sterling

Benny Blanco is the literal definition of a superstar producer. As in he is the go-to producer for countless music superstars in search of their next big hit.

Just Google Blanco’s name and list of credits reads like the upper echelon of the Billboard charts over the past few years. Household names like Rihanna, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd are just some of the marquee names that have crafted hit records with the big-leagues knob-twiddler.

Opening up about trading emails with his buddy Ed Sheeran and what was really going on during his freewheeling performance with Halsey and Khalid at this year’s American Music Awards, Blanco broke down what exactly he does when he connects with an artist in the studio.

“You’re literally… I’m a therapist. That’s my job. The second someone walks through the door, it’s like, ‘what’s going on in your life? What are we gonna do here?’ What do I do to make them feel comfortable? We eat a lot of food and I tell a lot of dick and fart jokes,” Blanco laughed during an interview with Edgar, Brian and Chelsea on 97.1 AMP-FM.

“Maybe we’re gonna play ping-pong. I don’t what we’re gonna do. Sometimes, we don’t even make music,” Blanco added. “Sometimes I’ll have a session with someone for like three days and we’ll make zero music. And then like the last day for like five minutes we’ll make a song, and then that’ll be the song.”

When asked to describe the experience of working on music with an artist like the Weeknd, Blanco was quick to sing the vocalist’s praises.

“It’s crazy. The second he literally steps in front of a microphone, it just sounds like it’s on the radio. It’s insane. It’s just there,” he marveled about the singer’s vocal talents.

As for his future as the artist and not just the artist behind the artist, Blanco says that the inspiration came from none less than fabled Interscope Records exec Jimmy Iovine.

I’ve been doing records for so long. I remember this one day. I was actually on tour with Ed (Sheeran), We were watching The Defiant Ones, that HBO documentary. So crazy. We were backstage and watched like all of them in a row. It ended, and (Sheeran) was like, ‘What are we doing with our lives? We aren’t even doing anything. Alright, I gotta go perform. We were literally in a stadium. Then I was sitting there by myself like, what am I doing with my life?’ It kind of clicked then.”

Once he had the idea of becoming an artist firmly in mind, Blanco tried to get his famous friends to talk him out of it. Instead, they were nothing but supportive, starting with Sheeran.

“I was waiting for him to be like, ‘Shut up and keep producing my songs,’ but he was just like ‘Oh my god man,  that would be a sick idea. We should do some songs for it.’ I kept asking my friends, hoping that people would say no, and then everybody was like ‘Yeah! Let’s do it!’”

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