The AMP Morning Show Talks To Mike Posner

October 2, 2018

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By: Scott T. Sterling

Mike Posner is finding himself.

The “Took a Pill in Ibiza” singer is back with a new song, “Song About You,” as well as a dramatic new perspective on life and heavily bearded look.

“My new album is like weird, futuristic singer-songwriter music,” Posner explained to AMP Radio’s Edgar, Brian and Chelsea. I feel like I’m part of a lineage of songwriters. You go back to Woody Guthrie first,Woody Guthrie’s biggest fan is Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan influenced everyone, The Beatles on down. Springsteen listened to Dylan… I listen to all those guys. Not saying I’m as good as any of those guys, because they’re my heroes. That’s what I aim for. I don’t know, man. Songs pop into my head and I just try to record them how I hear them in my head.”

While the singer declined to reveal the name of the person who inspired “Song About You,” Posner still revealed some intimate details behind his new single.

“I had a really beautiful relationship with someone that just ended,” he explained. “This song is about how I felt. She’s a beautiful person. I have nothing bad to say about her. I don’t want to make her life harder. She’s amazing. Sometimes relationships end, you know? It’s hard. I felt this pain and anger and angst and confusion at the time I wrote it. Just going through a breakup, man. You know.”

Chelsea asked if all of those emotions being wrapped up in the music makes it hard for him to hear and perform the song now.

“Sometimes you can conceptualize it,” Posner said. “So you’re not like going fully back there. It’s just the idea of it. It’s like the difference between the word ‘rose’ and actually holding a rose.”

Posner’s new music is reflective of his dramatic new lifestyle, which found the young star shedding a boatload of worldly possessions, including an admittedly “sick” collection of Air Jordans (that he simply gave away), selling his house and going to live in a van.

“I moved into my van in May,” he revealed. “I spent a few months in Colorado in the mountains in the van. I don’t have a house. My stuff is in the van. It’s that old proverb: that which you possess will come to possess you. I had everything at a really young age. I had the house in the Hills, million-dollar house, I had the sports car, the Jordan collection, and what I realized was, I felt the same. When I was a teenager, I thought I’d get the record deal, I’ll have my needs met and I’ll be a kinder person because I won’t want anything else. I got all the stuff, and I felt like I got a gift from the people who listen to my music. At 22, I got to learn that this is not what life is about. I just felt like the same dude in a different world. Then I thought, let me see if I can be happy without all this stuff. So that’s when I went into my van. I do this to force myself outside of my comfort zone.”

Posner went on to talk about his favorite place to park his van (spoiler alert: his mom’s house in Detroit), how he whittled his upcoming new album from 50 songs, and the current spate of often drug-related tragedies befalling young artists including Avicii and Mac Miller. Dig into the full interview video and get to know the real Mike Posner.