Dinah Jane Catches Up with Chelsea Briggs

October 29, 2018

By: Scott T. Sterling

As a member of FIfth Harmony, Dinah Jane is an international pop superstar with a slew of hits and sold-out shows to her credit.

As a solo artist, Dinah Jane is another emerging pop singer looking to have an impact on radio and the charts.

“This journey has been like a rollercoaster,” Dinah Jane told Chelsea Briggs in a recent interview, reuniting the longtime friends. “And for all of us to go out on our own and be our individual true artists means the absolute most because we owe that respect to ourselves.”

Now that Dinah Jane has launched her solo career with the single “Bottled Up,” she says that the time spent becoming a pop star with Fifth Harmony was everything and more in preparing her for this moment.

“We were all with each other at a time when we needed one another. Starting at 15, with me being the youngest, we were all trying to take this journey in and I’m grateful that we had each others’ companionship,” she revealed. “It wasn’t easy. At 15, 16, life is being tossed at you. You felt like you were 40 years old. Just to have them be the shoulder that I could lean on and look forward to onstage when I couldn’t give my other half. They came in clutch on the other half.

“I’m really happy for all of the girls. We’re all in a really good place right now,” DInah Jane added. “It’s exciting to see everyone living their best life, because I am so much. I’m just stepping into this game, and it’s just the beginning. Honestly, it’s off to a great start.”

When asked about “Bottled Up” and why it was chosen as her lead solo singe, Jane said it’s all part of her master plan.

“I have so many favorite records that I wanted to release first, but this one just felt so right. Stepping into this new journey on my own, the personality I wanted to portray is I’m that kind of girl you can kick it with, and be cool with,” she explained. “I wanted to come in very chiil and smooth, and then I’m gonna hit y’all with some other tracks you have yet to hear. I’m bringing it in slow.”

She said that a her debut album could see like of day possibly as soon as 2019, but makes no promises in terms of a release dates. When it’s ready, the people who really want to know will be among the first to find out.

“I have an idea, and I have an idea of an album title, but I just want to complete it first. I’ll start hinting and my fans will figure it out. I still want people to get familiar with who Dinah Jane is and where she comes from. There are many layers that you have yet to hear from me.”

For all of her professional success, nothing makes Dinah Jane prouder than being able to give back to her family, something she attributes to her strong Polynesian roots.

“I could’ve gotten them out sooner, but being that my family… we always put everyone else first,” she said of her recent purchase of a new home for her family. “My parents and I said we wanted to take care of everyone else first before we do it for ourselves. I was just grateful for the fact that I was able to repay my parents for their sacrifices throughout my career.”