Drug Rehab: Why The 12-Step Program May Not Be Right For You

By Mario McKellop

May 23, 2018

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Since their introduction in the late 1930s, 12-step programs have been used as a de facto method of treating drug addiction. However, while 12-step treatment programs have helped many, they may not be the ideal method of drug rehab.

How 12-step programs work

A 12-step program traditionally requires participants to admit that they are powerless in the face of addiction; identify a higher power from which they can draw strength; re-examine and then make amends for past errors; adopt a new lifestyle; and help others who are similarly afflicted. Additionally, many 12-step programs assert that drug and alcohol dependency is a lifelong disease that can only be treated, not cured.

The drawbacks of 12-step programs

There are three major drawbacks to the 12-step approach to drug rehab. The first is that they are generic and require all participants to undergo the same general course of treatment instead of getting individualized help. The second is that they are non-curative and require ongoing lifelong treatment. And the third is that they only address the symptom of chemical dependency instead of its root causes.

A holistic approach to drug rehab

The alternative treatment developed by Passages Malibu offers those grappling with chemical dependency a holistic version of drug rehab. Its non-12-step treatments are custom-designed for each individual client and are focused on providing physical, psychological and spiritual healing. Passages’ treatment philosophy is that addiction is not a lifelong disease, but rather a treatable condition.

It asserts drug and alcohol dependency is the result of one or more factors including chemical imbalance, unresolved past issues, beliefs that are inconsistent with reality, and an inability to cope with present conditions.

As opposed to a generic, one-size-fits-all program, Passages offers clients specialized one-on-one treatments for addictions to cocaine, marijuana, MDMA and prescription opioids. They are designed to help clients permanently break the vicious cycle of drug abuse by treating the underlying causes of their dependency. As such, Passages clients can not only repair the damage drugs have done to the lives, but also rediscover their passion for living.

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