We Can Survive Interview: Charlie Puth Says Steely Dan + James Taylor Influenced His Live Show

October 20, 2018

Before his set at We Can Survive 2018, Charlie Puth sat down for a chat with Booker from 97.1 AMP Radio. 

The two chatted about Puth's old house, which apparently was right by the Hollywood Bowl. "I made almost my whole album in there," Puth shares. "It was a great place to live. I do miss the ease of getting to the Hollywood Bowl. I remember Chance The Rapper was playing here one night and there were kids knocking on my door asking me if they could park on my driveway," laughs Puth.

As far as new music is concerned, Puth says he's heading to Asia later tonight to finish his tour and start working on new songs. "I do everything myself nowadays so I'm looking to branch out a little more, maybe work with one other person," he says. "I do get tired of myself because some of the best stuff comes from collaboration."

"I don't know if anything I make is a hit, I just know what makes me feel good," states Puth. "But if it feels good I can just picture other people feeling good listening to it."

As for what fans can expect tonight, Puth says, "I grew up watching Steely Dan live, and James Taylor, I even collaborated with James on this album. I grew up watching musicians that I really look up to, and I get a chance to speak to Elton John on the phone and all these people who are kind of responsible for the writing of my music and my inspiration. I try to mimic that on the stage and hopefully give them a nice musical experience."