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12 Things You Didn’t Know About In-N-Out

January 20, 2015

Living in Los Angeles and it’s surrounding areas, we’re all well aware of how lucky we are to have the best burger spot anywhere in the world. While many fast food spots try, they ultimately know they’ll never be as good as In-N-Out. And while we think we know everything there is to know about this delicious establishment, there is even more that you probably don’t. So, we thought we’d take a deeper look and expose it all for you.

1.) Secret bible passages
If you didn’t know it already, In-N-Out features inconspicuously placed bible passages on their wrappers, cups, and French fry containers. Consisting of the book, chapter, and number of the verse, In-N-Out started doing it in the 1980’s under the then present Rich Snyder. A reflection of the Christian beliefs held by him and his family, bible references include “Revelation 3:20,” “Proverbs 3:5,” “John 14:6,” and many more.

2.) You can order a burger to be cooked medium rare
While most just order their burger and enjoy, there are some that demand a more personalized experience. Luckily for them, you can order your burger at In-N-Out medium rare to get those extra juices.

3.) Crossed Trees
If you haven’t noticed, many of the In-N-Out Burger locations have crossed palm trees outside, as well as on the food’s packaging and decor. It’s no coincidence though. The founder, Harry Snyder loved the film “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,” where crossed trees marked the location of the buried treasure. You can now find these crossed trees at almost every location.

4.) In-N-Out’s Current President Is One Of The Youngest Female Billionaires
As the granddaughter of the original founders, and daughter to the former president Guy Snyder, Lynsi Torres is one of the youngest female billionaires in the country. Inheriting the chain in 2006, she was just 24 at the time. She hasn’t had the easiest life though. In fact, she lived most of her life far from the spotlight thanks to many death threats and multiple kidnapping attempts since she was a child.

5.) Managers make a nice living of $100k a year!
While regular employees make $10.50 an hour to start, the managers are killing it with a yearly salary of $100,000 a year. That’s enough, after taxes of course, to buy almost 21,000 Double Double’s. In addition to the high salary, they can count on full medical benefits, as well as bonuses and paid vacations.

6.) The Original In-N-Out Location Is Gone
Opened in 1948, the original In-N-Out location in Baldwin Park was torn down and demolished in the 1950’s to make room for the Pomona Freeway.

7.) No food travels more than 500 miles to any store
If you’ve ever wondered how In-N-Out has managed to avoid freezers in their effort to offer the freshest ingredients and food, it’s because none of food that ends up on your plate travels more than 500 miles to get to your local In-N-Out location. Nothing is ever frozen and everything from the burgers to the lettuce is handmade at centers before being shipped out to restaurants.

8.) There is an ANOTHER secret menu
These days, many are aware of some of the secret menu items. But, there are some that remain even more secretive. How about the Flying Dutchman Style, which is just the meat of the burger along with cheese. In addition, you can order the buns toasted, a grilled cheese sandwich, a veggie burger, and get your burger cut in half. And that’s just the burgers. For fries, get animal style (topped with American cheese, grilled onions and their signature spread), cheese fries and other variations like their well-done fries. For drinks, order up their Neapolitan Shake, which mixes all three of their flavors in one.


9.) There are SEVEN different ways to order fries at In-N-Out
While many stick with regular fries or the ever popular Animal Style fries, there are actually 7 ways that you can order them. Including Animal Style of course, you can order the fries well-done, light fries (more well done, but not as greasy), fries lite (cooked less than normal), fries with no salt, cheese fries, and lemon fries which is technically done by you. Just grab a lemon slice from the drink bar and squeeze!

10.) In-N-Out has the lowest turnover rates in the fast food industry
Compared with other fast food establishments, the people at In-N-Out love their job. And, why wouldn’t they? With great salaries, benefits and a great working environment, it’s no wonder why managers stay an average of 14 years, and associates stay around 2 years.