10 Pop Stars Who Went Naked (Or Had Nudity) In Their Music Videos

November 19, 2013

Flesh is in. This morning everyone was scandalized by Kanye West‘s provocative video for “Bound 2” featuring his almost naked wife, Kim Kardashian, straddling a motorcycle on a green screen cross-country trip.

Featuring only Kardashian’s silhouette, the video itself was pretty tame, but the marketing behind it made it seem like it shelved in the XXX section. Truthfully, we’ve seen way worse and people are probably just making such a huge issue of it because both Kim and Kanye are reviled by the media. Below are ten music videos where the nudity is a lot more obvious. Keep in mind that some of these videos might be NSFW, even if the nudity isn’t explicit.

“Blurred Lines”-Robin Thicke

There are two versions of this video. One with totally topless model babes and one without. The topless one is supposedly “artfully” done, but it’s literal nudity and given the scandalously sexual theme of the song, is pretty outrageous by American viewing standards. Interestingly, while the song received flack for its content, there wasn’t much drama over the naked girls.

“Wrecking Ball”-Miley Cyrus

The stunning songwriting of Miley Cyrus’ tear-jerker, “Wrecking Ball,” was overshadowed by her then recent twerking episode at the MTV VMAS and the fact that the 20-year-old one-time Disney star is swinging around naked on a giant ball. If that’s not a sexual metaphor, we don’t know what is.

“California Gurls”-Katy Perry

Surrounded by candy and everything cute-sy, it’s easy to forget that Katy Perry spends a good portion of her music video for “California Gurls” being cheeky, literally, on a soft punk cloud of cotton candy.

“Womanizer”-Britney Spears

As Britney Spears’ 2008 comeback song, it wasn’t shocking that the publicly-ridiculed popstar wanted to make her way back onto the scene by starting her video off for womanizer laying completely naked and covered in sweat in a sexy sauna scene.

“Lessons Learned”-Matt & Kim

Indie pop’s cutest couple, Matt & Kim, literally stripped down to nothing in Times Square to run around completely naked in the cold. They’ve often said that the most successful part of the day is that no one got arrested.


Most of the time, nudity is completely unnecessary in pop videos. But with Rihanna’s “Stay,” the song is so moody and intimate that Rihanna’s tear-soaked singing in a bathtub seems perfect for the song’s tone and not remotely sexual.  It’s just totally beautiful in every way.


Lest we forget, the Queen of Pop was renowned for doing artfully-shaded nude scenes in many of her videos including “Express Yourself” and “Justify My Love.” We chose “Erotica” because it’s basically a Helmut Newton book come to life.

“Marry The Night”-Lady Gaga

If you can get through the over 13-minutes of this music video, you’ll see the often-naked Lady Gaga dancing around in her underwear, covering herself with cheerios with blurred bars over her breasts, and writhing around in a bathtub full of blue goo as she dyes her hair.

“Thinking About You”-Calvin Harris

Like every pop singer’s dream, Calvin Harris has topless babes walking around with no bikini tops on and baring bottoms in thongs. You’ll notice that at no point does Calvin Harris get naked. Which is a shame, right girls?

“Tunnel Vision”-Justin Timberlake

We can’t post the video on this page because there’s ONLY an explicit version, but even Justin Timberlake is not above having a topless girl writhe around in smoke, but you can watch it here if you are an over-18 adult and not somewhere you can get in trouble for watching it.

–Nadia Noir, AMP Radio