The New Mattel BTS Mini Dolls Are What Your Desk's Been Missing

Coming soon, but not soon enough

October 23, 2019

Attention ARMY, Mattel has announced a new line of BTS Mini Dolls, and they are as adorable as you would imagine. The latest set captures the essence of each BTS member, showcasing their attitude, emotions, and charisma with desktop-sized excellence.

At only $9.99 a piece, it’s easy to invite all the boys into your space. Each one stands 3-inches tall and features authentic looks from the group’s life. There’s RM, who is wearing a look inspired by the “Idol” video, complete with hearts on his shirt and seafoam hair on his head.  Or Jimin, pointing with love in a collared shirt and v-neck sweater. Proudly display your BTS bias and let the world know you’re ARMY all the way.

The BTS Mini Dolls are due out on November 11.

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This is the second collaboration of the year between BTS and Mattel, with the company rolling out a bigger collection of dolls back in March. The dolls dropped right before things shot to another stratosphere for the group, coming days before the release of Map Of The Soul: Persona and the ensuing World Tour.

Last week, BTS officially returned from break with a remix to their “Make It Right” song, this time featuring Lauv. “We’re like so fanboys of Lauv, and he said he wanted to come to our show,” remembered RM in a talk with RADIO.COM. “We found out that we were both each other’s fans, and he just said like, let’s work. That’s how it happened.”

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