Taylor Swift Sends Nikki Glaser a 'Massive Hug' After 'Miss Americana' Comments

Both take the high road after the release of Swift’s Netflix documentary

February 3, 2020

Miss Americana made its Netflix debut on Friday, offering new revelations about Taylor Swift and her journey to use her voice and to be more comfortable in a swirl of commentary. In it Swift shows her struggle with outside opinions, and how they impact her life.

Swift talks in the film about a previously “unhealthy” relationship with food, letting critics get to her own idea of body image. “It’s only happened a few times, and I’m not in any way proud of it,” she confesses in the film. “A picture of me where I feel like I looked like my tummy was too big, or… someone said that I looked pregnant… and that’ll just trigger me to just starve a little bit — just stop eating.”

Those voices are presented as a montage from talk shows, with panelists and hosts commenting on the weight, dating life, and more of the Pop star. One of them is Nikki Glaser, a comedian who mentioned Swift being “too skinny” and being bothered by her and her “model friends.”

The clip made the trailer for Miss Americana, and once it was released Glaser addressed it in a lengthy post on Instagram.

“I love Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, I am featured in her new documentary as part of a montage of ***hats saying mean things about her, which is used to explain why she felt the need to escape from the spotlight for a year. It’s insanely ironic because anyone who knows me knows I’m obnoxiously obsessed with her and her music,” wrote Glaser beside a photo of her wearing a Taylor Swift shirt.

“This quote should be used as an example of ‘projection’ in PSYCH101 textbooks. If you’re familiar with my ‘work’ at all, you know I talk openly about battling some kind of eating disorder for the past 17 years. I was probably ‘feeling fat’ that day and was jealous. Also, I’ve had people say the same s*** about me being too skinny before and know how terrible it feels to hear that when you’re struggling. And I was only bothered by her model friends because I’d like to be her friend and I’m not a model.”

Glaser went on to apologize to Swift for the comments, mentioning that she received a couple death threats since the release of the trailer. Taylor caught the post, and replied back to Glaser with her own message of hope.

“Wow. I appreciate this so much and one of the major themes about the doc is that we have the ability to change our opinions over time, to grow, to learn about ourselves,” Swift commented. “I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve struggled with some of the same things I’ve struggled with. Sending a massive hug.”

Much of Miss Americana is about the growth of Taylor Swift, overcoming personal pain and online outrage, working to be the best version of herself. It also tackles Taylor speaking her mind politically for the first time, and the weight that was lifted once she spoke out about what she believed in.

Miss Americana is now streaming on Netflix.

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