Lonely at the Top: 6 Sad Stoic Drake Songs

October 24, 2019

There’s a high price to pay to be Drake.

The 6 God and holder of an NBA title ring has enjoyed a meteoric rise since bursting onto the scene as Lil Wayne’s protegee in 2009.

Since then, even listeners initially skeptical of the former “Degrassi” star’s music can’t deny his work ethic. Drake is a razor-sharp rapper, and full-fledged hit machine, with 205 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 under his belt, a record for solo artists.

But it’s lonely at the top. While Drake’s known for his pop hits and dancehall-influenced chart-toppers, he is a complex figure, living at once a public yet elusive life. Sonically, he never quite spills his guts the way he does on his most Aubrey of songs -- his sensitive, stoic reflections on fame, confessional lyrics effortlessly delivered that sound more like diary entries than raps.

To celebrate his birthday -- which is Oct. 24, 1986 -- these are Drake’s most piercing, disarming, and saddest songs.