TOMORROW X TOGETHER Flex Their Full Set of Skills on 'The Dream Chapter: MAGIC'

TXT’s first studio album has arrived

October 21, 2019

We learn a lot about TOMORROW X TOGETHER over the course of 8 tracks and 27 minutes, as the five members from the K-pop collection bring pure energy and a complete look at their style and sound on their debut studio album, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC.

Starting with the dangerous undercurrent of “New Rules,” the group shifts to a bright and vibrant, youthful adventure for lead single, “Nine and Three Quarters (Run Away),” suggesting a certain magic with a nod to Harry Potter and a video filled with friendship and “you had to be there” moments. TXT is literally shooting colors into the sky, on the infectious first clip from the album.

MAGIC plays like a tour through the influences of the young group, reaching back through eras before their time, yet never stepping outside of themselves. “Rollercoaster” is dripping with early 90s drums and house synths, where songs like “20cm” are wrapped in the velvet shine of a slow jam. All the while, TXT has an eye towards the future, mixing Hip Hop and harmonies for a bold pop blend.

With themes reflecting their standpoint, The Dream Chapter: MAGIC tells stories about unbreakable bonds and endless fun, traveling through new worlds and the hint of new emotions.

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TOMORROW X TOGETHER recently sold out their 6 sow run in the US, with fans hoping for another string of dates returning to the states soon.

The Dream Chapter: MAGIC is now available everywhere.

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