MyMusicRx-clusive: Billie Eilish Shares How She Picks Her Outfits

Delivering the healing power of music with the Children’s Cancer Association

December 9, 2019

RADIO.COM has teamed up with the Children’s Cancer Association and MyMusicRX, to bring questions from kids facing cancer or other serious illnesses directly to their favorite artists. Music’s biggest stars like Lizzo, Louis Tomlinson, the Jonas Brothers, and more each took time to answer these amazing young people, and we’re proud to share it with you.

Via video, we connect them for an exclusive personal response. It all happens with the help of MyMusicRX, who for over 24 years has provided one-on-one music experiences just like this to relieve some of the stress and anxiety of being in the hospital.

“My name is Chrystalyn and I’m with the Children’s Cancer Association and I have question for Billie,” she smiles, as Billie Eilish looks on. “Do you have a stylist or do you pick your own clothes?”

What a great question for an instant fashion icon like Billie.

“I do have a stylist but it’s a mix between me dressing myself and her,” Eilish answers. “I grew up loving fashion, and making my own clothes and always dressing myself and dressing everybody else. After a while I got a little too busy for that,” she smiles. “Now I just have not as much time to go and do everything so I have somebody that comes and brings me clothes and she knows all the people and she’s amazing.”

“She just brings me a bunch of stuff and I pick it all out, and then we both turn it into a bunch of outfits. So it’s both. Thank you for that question.”

You can watch the full video of Chrystalyn and Billie Eilish above, and check out more videos from MyMusicRX and the Children’s Cancer Association here.

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MyMusicRx provides bedside service at all children’s hospitals in Portland, OR, as well as at St. David’s Medical Center and Dell Children’s Comprehensive Care Clinic in Austin, TX, and at Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA. Plus is available across the country for all kids to access.

You can find more information, get involved, and donate to the Children’s Cancer Association here.

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