Bryce Vine Says New Song 'Problem' Is About What The World Is Going Through

April 17, 2020

LA-based rapper, Bryce Vine joined Krystal Bee in the exclusive AMP Zoom Room where fifteen lucky winners got to join in and ask the artist questions about his music. The AMP Zoom Room has allowed people from all over the world to connect with their favorite artists in intimate interview settings. 

The rapper said his last big social outing before going into quarantine was performing during the LA Clippers and LA Lakers halftime show in March. Krystal asked Vine if he will be dropping new music while in quarantine. Vine confirmed that he will be dropping new music and stated, “I am putting out some new songs ahead of schedule so that my fans have something to listen to.” The 31-year-old said the songs are definitely more apt for the time and have a more acoustic feel to them. 

One listener asked Vine to share about his newly written song, “Problem." The rapper stated, “It’s pretty much the one song I’ve written about what we’re all going through right now. Vine melodically sang lyrics from the song to the Zoom listeners and continued by saying, “we just wanted to make something that felt like a Sam Cook song, one of those ones that you could play on a rainy day.” Vine also shared that he had not picked up his guitar in a while and spoke to the fact that it felt good to create music during this time. Vine added that everyday feels like a rainy day currently. ​