Justin Timberlake Dances With Jessica Biel in 'Man of the Woods' Video

February 2, 2018
By Robyn Collins Justin Timberlake has just released the music video for the title track of his new album Man of the Woods. Related: Justin Timberlake Promises Super Bowl Show ‘Never Quite Done Before’ The clip was directed by Paul Hunter, who captures Timberlake's charismatic personality in a song that highlights his vocal talents. Dressed in flannel and a beanie, Timberlake sings the infectious tune and dances his way through the woods. In the process, he grooves across a canyon on a fallen tree and over a pond. The campy clip features jumping fish, random lumberjacks, a mini-Justin who levitates up to a treehouse just to zip-line down, and a magical tent. As soon as he enters the tent, Timberlake looks into a mirror and the viewer first sees the woman he's singing to. JT’s wife Jessica Biel plays his love interest in the video, and after he sees her, the two dance together then leave the tent looking like a brand new couple. Watch "Man of the Woods" below: