Troye Sivan: Acting In 'Boy Erased' Film Was Uncomfortably Real

January 19, 2018
Troye Sivan

By Sarah Carroll Troye Sivan just dropped his new single "My My My" and is hard at work on his new album, but the 22-year-old is also making time to return to his acting roots. The electropop singer is set to star in Boy Erased, a film about a gay conversion therapy camp. Related: Troye Sivan Releases Sensual Video for New Single ‘My My My’ "It was dark. It’s a heavy topic. It was uncomfortably real as well," Sivan told McCabe in the SoCal Honda Sound Stage at AMP Radio. "We [were] given the real source materials that they used to give kids when they arrived at the camp and I would just kind of sit there flicking through all this stuff imagining, you know, what it must’ve been like and it’s really heavy." Nicole Kidman also stars in the film, which is scheduled for a September release. "I was just, like, in awe," he said of Kidman. "She has the craziest presence. She’s super tall. Obviously, like, beautiful." "I sort of spoke in my most Australian accent when I spoke to her to try and like maybe have some sort of common ground, like she’d be like, ‘Oh, you’re Australian!’, he continued. "But it didn’t even work and I’m sure I just like sounded weird." Watch McCabe's entire interview with Troye Sivan below:

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