Coachella Bans Marijuana Even Though It's Legal In California

January 8, 2018
By Sarah Carroll Recreational use of marijuana may be legal in the state of California, but don't expect to light up at Coachella this year. The music festival has banned the use of the substance on its grounds. Related: Beyoncé, Eminem and the Weeknd Top Coachella 2018 “Sorry bro. Marijuana and marijuana products aren’t allowed inside [the festival]. Even in 2018 and beyond. If that changes, we’ll update this answer,” Coachella listed in the Q&A section of its website. Under the new state law, each city is allowed to decide whether or not it will allow recreational marijuana sales. According to TMZ, the city of Indio is not on board with the selling, cultivating or distributing of cannabis. The news comes as a major bummer to concertgoers attending Weekend 2, which falls on 4/20 this year.