Chance the Rapper in New Barack Obama PSA

December 27, 2017
By Scott T. Sterling Chance the Rapper and NBA star Steph Curry are featured in a new PSA from Barack Obama. Related: Chance the Rapper Teases ‘Sesame Street’ Appearance with Shout Out to Daughter The new video, released on Christmas Eve, features the American president giving a speech, which is being watched by young people in various locations on handheld devices. “I want you to know, you matter," Obama says at the onset of the clip. “There is nothing, not a single thing, that's more important to the future of America than whether or not young people all across this country can achieve their dreams." As the video progresses, young men inspired by Obama's speech stand up to deliver their own empowering messages, with the president watching on his own device. Curry and Chance are among those seen tuning in to watch. The PSA is in support of Obama's My Brother's Keeper initiative, which supports and encourages mentorship and opportunities for young men and boys in communities of color. Watch the PSA below.