Macklemore Parties at the 'Corner Store' for New Video

December 21, 2017
By Scott T. Sterling Macklemore takes on multiple roles in his hilarious new music video, "Corner Store." Related: Macklemore & Kesha Announce 2018 ‘Adventures’ Tour The comedic clip stars featured rappers Dave B and Travis Thompson as a couple of kids looking to score a case of beer with a fake ID. When the store clerk (played by Macklemore) denies the beer purchase, the pair meet up with a random older guy on the street (also played by Macklemore), who is happy to purchase the booze for them. The video follows the trio through a night of wild misadventures, with Macklemore popping up as an overzealous security guard and most memorably in drag as Thompson's mom. Check out the new clip, which contains some explicit lyrics, now at