Eleven Gifts for Every Kind of 'Stranger Things' Fan on Your Holiday Shopping List

November 22, 2017
By Maura O'Malley Holiday shopping is hard. Maybe even harder than the blow of discovering that your significant other/friend/whomever you watch Netflix with has binge-watched the rest of Stranger Things 2 … without you. Related: Chief Hopper From ‘Stranger Things’ Dances to Rock and Roll Favorites But we’re not here to harp on these kinds of tragedies. Rather, we’re here to be spread positivity. Help you out. Be inclusive. And what better way to be inclusive than to put together a holiday shopping list for every kind of Stranger Things fan? It’s fiercer than a demo-dog, and it’s about to flip your holiday shopping upside down. Behold: the only holiday shopping list you’ll need this year.
11. For the activist Join the cause. #JusticeforBarb

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10. For lovers of the occult For all the basic witches on your shopping list.

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9. For the student Back to school: Hawkins style.
5. For your frenemies Nothing says frenemy like a passive-aggressive message masked as a gift!

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4. For the gamer To get those Mad Max skills.

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3. For your Hygge-practicing, candles-loving friend It's lit.

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2. For the ketchup-on-everythinger (On a scale of 1-11, how gross is this?)

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1. For the foodie A timeless classic for the experienced palate. A true delicacy. 11/11 would recommend.

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So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!