National Radio Day: AMP Radio’s Top 10 Moments

August 20, 2014 2:54 PM

nationalradioday National Radio Day: AMP Radios Top 10 Moments

by Sasha Huff

Today is National Radio Day, and to celebrate, we wanted to share with you our Top 10 moments since launching in 2009.

And TRUST us, this was a hard one to come up with, because seriously, how do we break it down to only 10 moments?

This may literally be impossible but we’re giving it a try.

This is in no particular order. Just pure, amazing fun.

Here we go!

The Launch of AMP Radio

February 2009

Duh! This was a pretty important moment, all things considered. This is the birth of AMP Radio. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this actual moment.

It’s hard to forget that day because there was so much excitement in the air. People were running around, making sure everything was ready to go. A bunch of staff gathered in the studio to watch as our Program Director tuned out the old station, to bring in the new one.

Fun fact: The first song we ever played was Kanye West’s ‘Paranoid’

Also, we bought pizza afterwards. So much pizza.



Carson Daly’s First Day On-Air

January 2010

Who can forget this one? The day Carson Daly started as our morning show host, and we welcomed someone great to our team.

In the video below, you will literally get to hear his first break that he ever did here at the station.

There were news crews, the digital staff there to film it, and we think it’s a really fun piece of radio history.

Check out the video below.




Michelle Interviews LMFAO at Our Halloween Masquerade

October 2011

Michelle interviewed LMFAO at our Halloween Masquerade show, and things go pretty crazy.

This was pretty much the most fun interview ever in life.

Red Foo and Sky Blu came dressed as Hulk Hogan and Muscle Man Randy Savage, and went into full blown character mode when Michelle started the interview.

None if it really makes any sense, to be honest, but it’s still pretty much the greatest.



Lady Gaga Performs ‘You and I’ Live On-Air

July 2011

This was one of those moments you just never forget. It was a magical moment in radio history that made us super proud.

Lady Gaga came by and played her latest single, live on air, for the first time ever.

The room was filled with  maybe 15 people, tops, including a few lucky Little Monsters who won their way into the private performance.

It was special, and something that we will never forget.

Watch the performance below.


Zedd Saves the Day at AMPLIFY 2014

March 2014

Zedd saving the day at AMPLIFY 2014 is one of those things that happen, and while it’s happening you kind of can’t believe it’s happening, and then it does, and you’re just like WHAT?

Ok so here’s the deal. We had a performer get injured the night before one of our biggest shows of the year. It was awful, and we felt really bad for that person, and we’re glad that person is ok.

But it was pure insanity the day of the show, trying to find someone to replace said artist, in order to provide our listeners the best experience possible in the midst of total chaos.

And who came through? None other than our good friend Zedd.

Booker got to interview him that night, and we all bowed down in thanks!

See the video and some pics by clicking here.

Photo by Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images

Photo by Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images

Nicki Minaj Interviews with Carson Daly After Song Leaks

August 2014

This one was great because Nicki Minaj is one of the biggest artists on the planet, and she came to AMP Radio during a pretty stressful time.

Here’s what happened: she was ready to go to radio with her next single ‘Anaconda,’ which was originally slated for an August 11th release date.

But instead, someone leaked it on the interwebs, and while she REALLY wanted to follow through with this amazing marketing plan her and her team had set up for the release, she had to rush to radio instead.

So she jumped on-air with Carson to talk about that and all the new music that would be coming shortly, the real story of what happened with the leak, and a lot more.

She also sat down to do 97.1 Seconds with, which we always love.


Photo by Alex Loucas

Photo by Alex Loucas

Wiz Khalifa & Snoop Dogg Rap “You Can Put It In A Zag” for McCabe

December 2011

Having Snoop & Wiz at the station was awesome enough, but when they agreed to spit this verse from their song, it was pretty epic.

This was when their song “Young, Wild & Free” had just dropped. It would end up becoming a very popular hit on the station, which made this little moment in AMP Radio history fantastic.

It’s pretty self explanatory, but go check out their little impromptu performance.



Seena’s Triple Date with Far East Movement

September 2010

We love this one because they are literally sitting at a picnic table out back and doing an interview.

The laid back vibe is what makes this so great.

Also, it’s Far East Movement, who we love and adore. They’ve played a ton of AMP Radio shows over the years, and we consider them friends around here.

It’s also the early days of Seena being on air here at the station. Have you heard that she’s back? Yeah she left for a quick moment, but she’s come home to LA. Make sure to tune in!



Maroon 5 Performs in the Red Bull Sound Space at AMP Radio

October 2012

Getting to see artists like Maroon 5 in a setting like the Red Bull Sound Space is something that we feel sets AMP Radio apart from other stations in the country.

Not to #HumbleBrag, but seriously you guys. We feel pretty great about the fact that we get to invite you to see your favorite artists in such an intimate setting, and it’s kind of what makes us get up every day to do what we do.

Once in a lifetime experiences. That’s what we live for.

Check out pics from the show here.

Maroon 5, Adam Levine








Calvin Harris DJ’s Our #ToplessSummer Pool Party

July 2014


Ok so this one just happened recently but man oh man was it awesome!

He’s one of the biggest DJ’s in the world, and we got to see him with like 200 of our closest friends. The only way to get into this event was to win, and we could feel the energy of true Calvin Harris fans in the air.

It was all poolside at the Viceroy in Santa Monica, and it was freakin amazing.

Check out the recap and pics from the show here.

Photo by Heath M. Cofran

Photo by Heath M. Cofran

Michelle Interviews Kanye West

Consider this a bonus, it’s so epic how could we have even considered not putting it on the list, moment in AMP Radio history!

This interview was insane.

This was right before Kanye West went off and did a ton of full blown ranting interviews, and we think Michelle handled it like a champ.

He goes on about pretty much every topic in the history of ever.

Do not sleep on this video. It’s a must watch!


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