AMP Music Minute: Kendrick Lamar Puts Out Love, Katy Perry Goes Fake, Calvin Harris Tweaked Voice

Kendrick Lamar Puts Out Love Show Cali Love!!! Kendrick Lamar appreciates all the love he’s getting these days! However, he says he’s put in a lot of years doing music before the world even knew who he was.  Katy Perry Goes Fake Well at least on the eyes. Katy Perry has a new line of […]


T.I. Is BFF’s With P!NK, Talks Making ‘Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head’

If T.I. was ever to retire from music, he could have his own show on QVC.  The Atlanta based rapper joked with 97.1 AMP Radio’s Michelle about the MANY different ways you can buy his new album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head. It’s not all jokes when it comes to his new album though.  […]


AMP Music Minute: Calvin Harris Whispers Sweet Nothings To Florence Welch, Bruno Mars Goes Apey, Ne-Yo And Beyonce Team Up Again

Calvin Harris Whispers Sweet Nothings To Florence Welch After two countless years of chasing down…. Calvin Harris nailed his dream collaboration with Florence + Machine’s leading lady Florence Welch. The track “Sweet Nothing” as he says “It’s definitely my favorite track on the album.” That album is 18 Months, and is in stores NOW! Bruno […]


AMP Music Minute: Ke$ha Spreads Magic On Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber Shows Haters Who’s Boss, Lil’ Wayne Goes SUPRA

Ke$ha Spreads Magic On Calvin Harris Seems like Ke$ha has more magic to give… She says she had at least 50 songs to choose for her latest album, ‘Warrior’. One track however that didn’t make the album was her collaboration with Calvin Harris. But don’t worry! She says it will be “released one day!” Justin […]


AMP Music Minute: Big Sean Getting Personal, Afrojack Collaborates With Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj Goes MAC

 Big Sean Getting Personal Ready for round two?!? Big Sean says his 2nd album will be more personal and this time he’ll use more “great, classic musical sounds like pianos and strings, elements like that.” Afrojack Collaborates With Chris Brown Get ready to dance!! Afrojack is ready to release his debut album in April. He […]


AMP Music Minute: Bruno Mars Confesses Crush, Alicia Keys Proves She’s On Fire, Rihanna Styled To TV

 Bruno Mars Confesses Crush So who has Bruno ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’?!? In a recent interview, the crooner admits the song is about his crush on starlet, Halle Berry!!! Alicia Keys Proves She’s On Fire No need to get ‘Unapologetic’ ! Congrats to the ‘Woman on Fire’…Alicia Keys! Her new album, ‘Girl On Fire’ is […]


AMP Music Minute: Adam Levine Throws Another Fit, Wiz Khalifa Baby News, Justin Bieber Doesn’t Wants Fans Bored

Adam Levine Throws Another Fit Adam fires shots at Honey Boo Boo. First Adam Levine slammed The Roxy, now he’s coming for Honey Boo Boo. He calls the show “the decay of Western Civilization” and “literally the Worst thing. That’s Ever. Happened.” Wiz Khalifa Baby News Baby Khalifa is on the way!!! Wiz Khalifa and […]


AMP Music Minute:Lil Wayne Asks Kanye West To Get Artsy, Ellie Goulding Likes Playing Intimate, Big Sean Wants Shady Collaboration

Lil Wayne Asks Kanye West To Get Artsy Picasso has nothin’ on Ye!!! Lil Wayne’s ‘I AM Not A Human Being II’ arrives February! He has asked Kanye West to design all of the album’s packaging! Ellie Goulding Likes Playing Intimate Who wants stadium gigs over intimate settings? Ellie Goulding apparently prefers playing smaller, intimate […]


AMP Music Minute: Flo Rida’s Next Level, Skrillex Goes Gamer, Wiz Khalifa’s Boo Raps?!?

Flo Rida’s Next Level There’s no stopping his flow!! Flo Rida wants to take his career to the “next level” and says he’d be able to do that by working with Rihanna and Beyonce!   Skrillex Goes Gamer Time to travel back to the world of dusty video game cartridges and Super Nintendo graphics! If […]


AMP Music Minute: Ke$ha Goes Raw & Less Auto-Tune, Lil Wayne Trading Beats For Skateboarding, Big Sean Confirms Cruel Winter Project

Ke$ha Goes Raw & Less Auto-Tune Ready for change? Ke$ha says on her last album you saw her super wild side, but on her new ‘Warrior’ album you’ll get a little more of her raw, vulnerable side. And less auto tune! Lil Wayne Trading Beats For Skateboarding Move over Tony Hawk! Lil Wayne plans to […]


Calvin Harris Talks Making “Sweet Nothing” With Florence Welch

Do you ever wonder how two artists decide to collaborate on a track?  It takes more than simply sending a text.  Calvin Harris spent two years chasing Florence Welch down to do the vocals on his new single “Sweet Nothing.” It wasn’t as simple as getting a “yes” from Florence either. “Even if they want […]


AMP Music Minute:Trey Songz Can’t Stay Away From Studio Love, Alicia Keys’ Son Make Music Debut, Ke$ha Screams Girl Power

Trey Songz Can’t Stay Away From Studio Love Trey Songz can’t stay away from heating up the music charts. After he’s done touring he’ll definitely return to the studio. “I can’t stay away from the studio too long baby.” Alicia Keys’ Son Make Music Debut This mama is on fire!!! Supermom Alicia Keys’ new album […]


AMP Music Minute: Katy Perry Turns To The Dark Side, Ellie Goulding & Skrillex Reconcile, Rihanna Not A Sexy Villain

Katy Perry Turns To The Dark Side There will be no candy coated beats for Katy Perry. Her third album is rumored to be coming out next summer. She says it’ll be much darker than any of her other music. Are you ready? Ellie Goulding & Skrillex Reconcile Seems like there are ‘Lights’ at the […]


AMP Music Minute: Taylor Swift’s Tour Will Be Worth It, Bruno Mars Is Different, Flo Rida Says Being A Nerd Is Awesome

Taylor Swift Wants Fans To Be Happy Just a few more months til she paints the nation RED!! Taylor Swift wants her tour to be as big as possible. She says in this economy, she wants to guarantee you get your money’s worth.  Bruno Mars Is Different Locked out of heaven? Think again…Bruno Mars loves […]


AMP Music Minute: Justin Bieber Opens Up To Oprah, Nicki Minaj: No More Drama, Ke$ha Hits the Books

Justin Bieber Opens Up To Oprah The Biebs meets the Big O!!! Oprah welcomes Justin Bieber to her OWN network Sunday night! She says there’s never been a star like him. Be sure to tune in for the interview! Nicki Minaj: No More Drama Divas unite!!! Nicki Minaj wants to get past her drama with […]


AMP Music Minute: Ke$ha Single & Wild, Tyga Makin’ It Nasty For March, Taylor Swift Ringing In 2013

 Ke$ha Single & Wild The party won’t stop til she says! Ke$ha says she’s happy being single and has no plans settling down and raising kids anytime soon. Tyga Makin’ It Nasty For March March Madness!! Tyga just wrapped up his album and will release it sometime in March!  Taylor Swift Ringing In 2013 Cue […]


AMP Music Minute: Pitbull’s A Mama’s Boy, Lil Wayne Bangs Paris Hilton In Track, Ke$ha Tooth Bra Warrior

Pitbull’s A Mama’s Boy Rapper Pitbull shows his softer side to his mom. He says, “My mom is my father and my mother and she’s the one that has made me a man.” Lil Wayne Bangs Paris Hilton In Track Seems like Paris Hilton is at it again! This time she asked Lil Wayne to […]


AMP Music Minute: SkyBlu(LMFAO) Crossover, Ne-Yo Calls For Taylor Swift, J. Cole Expands Album Project

SkyBlu(LMFAO) Crossover Get ready to ‘Party Rock’ Latin style!!! SkyBlu from LMFAO is coming out with a Spanish record. He promises “there will be a big person in the song.” Ne-Yo Calls For Taylor Swift Code R.E.D. or is it Code Red?!? Ne-Yo wants to work with Taylor Swift. He says if she’s interested she […]


Nicki Minaj’s New Business Venture, Ke$ha and Wiz Remix ‘Die Young’, Big Sean Delays Album

Nicki Minaj’s New Business Venture This Pink lady is busy, busy. Nicki Minaj has a new album, new fragrance and now is launching her own record label. The name of the label has yet to be released, but she promises she will give us the name of it in a press release soon! Ke$ha and […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna Shy About Nudity, 50 Cent Puts Eminem and Adam Levine On Single, Maroon 5 Invading SNL

Rihanna Shy About Nudity Rihanna bared it all on GQ, but is shy about being naked? “Nobody’s ever completely comfortable naked all the time in front of strangers, photographers that you don’t know”. She told Ellen on her show Wednesday; Rihanna added “it’s a character that you have to get into.” 50 Cent Puts Eminem […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna Sees Mommy Role In the Future, Pitbull Takes Control of Afrojack, Ne-Yo Goes Platinum

Rihanna Sees Mommy Role In the Future Shine bright like a baby carriage?!? Rihanna went on Ellen to say she does want kids someday. Regardless if she marries or not, she says she could handle being a parent on her own, though she would prefer a full family. Pitbull Takes Control of Afrojack Well not […]


AMP Music Minute: Usher Puts House For Sale, Rolling Stone Magazine Crossover, Rihanna: Dirty Bond Girl?

Usher Puts House For Sale Usher’s ex-wife has to move on…literally! Usher has put his Georgia mansion on the market for $3.2 million. While he finds a buyer, his ex-wife has to find a new crib. She’s been living their since they split. Rolling Stone Magazine Crossover Rolling Stone Magazine is making history! For the […]


Calvin Harris Is Skipping The American Music Awards, Thinks Skrillex Will Win EDM Catagory

Don’t expect to see Calvin Harris walking a red carpet anytime soon.  “I hate all that stuff,” he said during an interview with AMP Radio’s Michelle. Winning awards doesn’t sound like a big deal to Calvin.  He’s nominated for an American Music Award along with David Guetta and Skrillex for Favorite Artist – Electronic Dance […]


AMP Music Minute: Big Sean Reveals ‘Clique’ Secret, Psy Hinting Huge New Single, Ellie Goulding Wants Taylor Swift

Big Sean Reveals ‘Clique’ Secret Big Sean is the golden hit boy! The rapper revealed that ‘Clique’ was supposed to be just his first single from his new album, Hall Of Fame. Upon hearing the single, Kanye and Jay-Z hopped on it immediately and the rest is history. Hall of Fame: Memoirs of a Detroit […]


AMP Music Minute: Pitbull Album Details, Ne-Yo Gets Animated

Pitbull Album Details Pitbull’s album, ‘Global Warming’ drops November 19th. The album will feature tons of collaborations with artists like Usher, Chris Brown, J.Lo and Enrique Inglesisas. Ne-Yo Gets Animated Who’s ready for Ne-Yo’s next project?!? The singer is working with Cartoon Network on a new animated series in which he is the creator. The […]


AMP Music Minute: Lil Wayne Delays Album, Lady Gaga Gives Big, Bargin For Maroon 5

Lil Wayne Delays Album Who’s ready for some more Y.O.L.O. hits? It’s going to have wait…Lil Wayne was supposed to drop his, ‘I Am Not A Human Being 2’ next month, but it’s being pushed to later date in the next year. Lady Gaga Gives Big It’s the gift of Gaga that keeps Hurricane Sandy […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna Has Calvin Harris, Dr. Dre’s New Crib, Britney Spears Hits X Factor One More Time

Rihanna Has Calvin Harris Rihanna’s Unapologetic album is creating quite a buzz before the November 19th date. She has confirmed that David Guetta will be on her track, Right Now. Dr. Dre’s New Crib Dr. Dre proves that house hunting ain’t nothing but a thang. The rapper/producer just bought a new crib near the Sunset […]


AMP Music Minute: J. Cole’s A Born Sinner, Nicki Minaj’s Rivarly, Bruno Mars Lets Loose

J. Cole’s A Born Sinner- Get ready to sin with J. Cole! J. Cole released details on his upcoming sophomore album, Born Sinner via Twitter and Ustream. The album is set to hit stores January 28th. Nicki Minaj’s Rivalry With American Idol around the corner…a little “beef” isn’t bad right? Nicki Minaj acknowledges already having […]


AMP Music Minute: Calvin Harris Rejects Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj’s Shade of Mac, American Music Awards New Category

Calvin Harris Rejects Lady Gaga- How amazing would it be to see Calvin Harris and Lady Gaga make music madness in the studio?!? Well…it’s not going to happen. Harris apparently had the chance to work with Gaga and turned it down because he didn’t really like her music. Whoops. Nicki Minaj’s Shade of Mac- Viva […]


AMP Music Minute: Ne-Yo Joins Tim McGraw On Stage, Calvin Harris Under Song Writing Pressure & Drake Was Determined To Get A Diploma

Ne-Yo Joins Tim McGraw On Stage – Not going to lie guys, we kind of love it when artists from different genres go on stage together.  Something about music unity makes us really happy! Ne-Yo joined Tim McGraw on stage in Nashville and even revealed what he might have been in a past life!! We […]


AMP Music Minute: Taylor Swift’s New Album Has Big First Week, Miguel Instagrams Picture With Beyonce & Rihanna To Perform On SNL

Taylor Swift’s New Album Has Big First Week – Taylor Swift’s album RED just came out and it’s already selling a ton of copies! And when we say a ton, we are not exaggerating. She sold 1.2 million copies which is the biggest first week sales in 10 years! Taylor Swift:  break her heart and […]


AMP Music Minute: American Music Awards List Their Features, Lady Gaga’s Next Album Might Be 2 Volumes & Nicki Minaj Reveals Pink Friday: The Re-Up Special Features

American Music Awards List Their Features – Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the award shows that happen because there are so many, but don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! The American Music Awards are coming up on November 18th and they have announced who will be featured on the show! Come […]


AMP Music Minute: Taylor Swift Announces Two LA Shows, Ellie Goulding & Skrillex Broke Up & Bruno Mars Talks About The Worst Job Ever

Taylor Swift Announces 2 LA Shows – Taylor Swift is a busy girl and she is about to be even busier because she just announced a tour! Her album just dropped so we kind of had an idea that a tour wasn’t far away! What’s even cooler is that she will have two shows in […]


AMP Music Minute: Bruno Mars Shares How To Dress Like Him, Usher Spends 12K On A Puppy & Psy Wants A Dance Off With Usher

Bruno Mars Shares How To Dress Like Him – Halloween is only a couple days away! Costumes are kind of a big deal here in Hollywood and Bruno Mars says if you decide to dress up as him for the holiday, “you gotta go full force!” Bruno says you have to have great hair and […]


AMP Music Minute: Lil Wayne Recorded 90 Songs With Dr. Dre, Rihanna Made History, Ke$ha Will Perform ‘Die Young’ For The First Time

Lil Wayne Recorded 90 Songs With Dr. Dre – Ok, so we thought Lil Wayne was done with rapping for the time being.  Guess that’s not true at all, unless his skateboard is strong enough to carry a studio! Lil Wayne says he’s recorded “probably like 90 songs” with Dr. Dre. Hopefully they will share […]


AMP Music Minute: Taylor Swift Will Break Records, Lady Gaga Announces “Telephone” Sequel & Snoop Dogg’s Documentary Out In February

Taylor Swift Will Break Records – Taylor Swift will break records and when she reads about them she will most likely make her “OMG I did NOT expect this” face! Her album “Red” is expected to shatter sales records this week! It sold half a million copies in ONE day! Pretty impressive, Tay! Lady Gaga […]


AMP Music Minute: Lil Wayne Involves Kanye West In Next Album, X Factor Renewed & Wiz Khalifa Expecting A Son!

Lil Wayne Involves Kanye West In Next Album – We’ve all been waiting for Lil Wayne to drop his next album which much like other albums, has been delayed multiple times! We’re thinking it’s because Kanye West was heavily involved and he’s a pretty busy guy so it must have take a while to get […]


PSY Talks To Michelle About Living In Maroon 5’s Shadow And Drunken Dance Offs With Usher

South Korean pop singer PSY has been on everyone’s radar.  At the height of his career you’d think he would be on top of the world, but still has goals for himself that he’s yet to hit. AMP Radio’s Michelle sat down with the “Gangnam Style” singer Saturday night.  Minutes before taking the stage at […]


AMP Music Minute: Ellie Goulding Performing In LA, Calvin Harris Ready To Release New Album & Adam Levine Announces Maroon 5 Tour!

Ellie Goulding Performing In LA – We know we just saw Ellie Goulding this past Saturday at our Halloween Masquerade but we’re down to see her perform again! She’s THAT good! Lucky for us Angelinos, we’ll get to see her on stage again when she returns to LA on February 12th! She’s playing at the […]


AMP Music Minute: Kanye West Will Drop Another Album, Bruno Mars Sings In A High Pitch Voice & Redfoo To Record Solo Album

Kanye West Will Drop Another Album – Kanye West just put out his G.O.O.D. music compilation and another one is to come! Cruel Summer is only the beginning because apparently there will be a follow up titled Cruel Winter. Any guesses as to when we can expect this record of musical magic?? Bruno Mars Sings […]


AMP Music Minute: Bruno Mars Is Hosting SNL, Drake Graduates From High School & Katy Perry Has The Most Important Moment Of Her Career

Bruno Mars Is Hosting SNL – We know we told you this before so consider this a friendly reminder!! Bruno Mars is the host and performer of Saturday Night Live this weekend! We’ll see how funny and good at multitasking Bruno Mars is tomorrow night! Drake Graduates From High School – We know Drake is […]


AMP Music Minute: Lil Wayne Wrote A Book, Demi Lovato Wants To Collaborate With Britney Spears & David Guetta Is Cool With Playing For Small Crowds

Lil Wayne Wrote A Book – Lil Wayne dabbles in many things and he can now add writer to his list of job titles. He will release a book next year called “Gone Til November.” He’ll give all kinds of details about his time spent in jail! Demi Lovato Wants To Collaborate With Britney Spears […]


AMP Music Minute: Ellie Goulding On Twilight Soundtrack, Britney Spears Has A New Song & Beyonce Will Perform At The Super Bowl

Ellie Goulding On Twilight Soundtrack – Ellie Goulding and Twilight is probably one of the best combinations of all time.  Right next to peanut butter and jelly, Forrest Gump and Jenny, and whiskey and coke. The final film of the saga comes out in November and Ellie Goulding has a song on the soundtrack! Produced […]


AMP Music Minute: Kesha Is Done With Auto Tune, Wiz Khalifa’s Mixtape Drops Today & Ne-Yo Wants To Work With Adele

Kesha Is Done With Auto Tune – Ke$ha has decided she is done using auto tune.  This could either be really good or really bad! The singer says she’s tired of people thinking she can’t sing. She says, ” I can do very few things confidently in my life, and one of them is that […]


AMP Music Minute: Adam Levine’s Acting Debut, Ellie Goulding Comes From A Family Of Undertakers & Big Sean Think’s He’s NOT Rich

Adam Levine’s Acting Debut – We get to hear Adam Levine on AMP Radio, see him on NBC’s The Voice and now we’ll get to see him on American Horror Story! There’s no such thing as too much Adam Levine! In fact, the more we get to see of him, the better! We’ll finally get […]


AMP Music Minute: Beyonce Backs Out From Movie Role, Ne-Yo’s New Album Official Release Date & Trey Songz Announces A Tour

Beyonce Backs Out From Movie Role – Beyonce was set for the lead role in Clint Eastwood’s remake of “A Star Is Born” but not anymore! Her reason? She’s too busy.  Which totally makes sense buuuut we can’t help but think it might also be because of Clint Eastwood’s little chat with an empty chair. […]


AMP Music Minute: Ke$ha To Release Her Autobiography, Bruno Mars Was Told His Music Sucks & Big Sean Gives Album Details

Ke$ha To Release Her Autobiography – Ke$ha doesn’t just write songs, she writes autobiographies too! If you’re trying to know more about Ke$ha then you should read autobiography called “My Crazy Beautiful Life!” It will be available on November 20th! Bruno Mars Was Told His Music Sucks – Before Bruno Mars was famous and all […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna Named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist, Jay-Z To Release Audio and Video EP & Ne-Yo Loves One Direction

Rihanna Named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist – What’s it like to be named Billboard’s Top Pop Artist?? Ask Rihanna! She was just crowned Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years! Quite an accomplishment, right? In fact, the women in music ruled the top 10! Usher was the only male and Black Eyed Peas were […]


AMP Music Minute: Rihanna Names Her New Album, Adele Releases James Bond Theme Song & Mariah Carey Has Drama With Nicki Minaj

Rihanna Names Her New Album – We got to hear one single so far from Rihanna’s new album and we have learned that she has a title! Nothing has been confirmed just yet so the “reported” title will have to suffice. The name of Rihanna’s upcoming album will be “Seven” and it comes out November […]


AMP Music Minute: Bruno Mars Thinks He Sings Like “A Mosquito,” Psy Passes On Plastic Surgery & Wiz Khalifa Stops Smoking…In The House

Bruno Mars Thinks He Sings Like “A Mosquito” – Who wasn’t a fan of last year’s Twilight theme song “It Will Rain?” Nobody, EXCEPT THE GUY WHO SANG IT!! Yes, it’s hard to believe but Bruno Mars was not a huge fan of his Twilight theme song “It Will Rain.” He says he felt like […]


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