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  1. emily dollete says:

    omg thats me on stage…emily dollete!!! that was the best day of my life!!! and if its not to much to ask for can u guys give me a call!!!! that wopuld be great….i need to ask you something…thanx!!!!!

    1. janelle says:

      omg that was you Ur so lucky i want to be you up there. hey was he cuter in person? 8) hahaha

      1. emily dollete says:

        hell ya he was<3<3<3
        thank you1
        the WHOLE time wen he was singing to me we never ever left eachothers eyes<3<3<3 and that was the top magical momments of my life:)<3<3<3<3

    2. jazzlyn says:

      hi it is jazzlyn you leave justin alone he is my boyfriend emily dollete and i live in hollewood

      1. emily dollete says:

        ohh okay sure ur just jellosu i meet him soo ohhh

  2. maddy Lujan says:

    omg thats me in their…the one holding the sign!!!! to the right of justin!!! <333 i had an amazing time!!! and my friend emily said to give her call if you guys can…that would be amazing…she needs to ask you something!!! thnax so much!!! i love you justin!!!

  3. alexxis says:

    omqqe !! i was their it was SOOOO crazyyy<3 & amazinq i was waitinq for 15hours!!&i was cryinq the whole time i saw himmm:( i wish i cud meet him

  4. Erica says:

    oommggeee:0 im right next to sophia in the yellow!! ahaha man i wish i cldve met justin 😦 i was cryin the wholeee time i felt like fainting . i was in shock !! ahaha i <<<<3333 u justin

  5. mitzi says:

    i wish dat was me

    1. justin bieber says:

      you lie

  6. frida says:

    those pics r so cool i wanted 2 go 2 see him but i didnt

  7. Paola says:

    I think I was tha 1 who was supposed 2 b jbs valentine u r a lucky girl I hope u enjoyed it

    1. emily dollete says:

      yes i did thankyou!

  8. priscilla says:

    that could have been me right there but it was that girl blah LOVE U JUSTIN

    1. emily dollete says:

      thanks i wish i could take more ppl up there with me

    2. justin bieber says:

      ilove you to priscilla

  9. sienna cobos says:

    omg thats my friend emily …. lucky !!! hehehe am so jealous <3333

    1. emily dollete says:

      hey sienna
      what up girl!!!!
      i no everyone was soo jeluos of me and i was soo happy but i dont care what ppl said bout me and that i went i dont care who they r or what they said!!

      1. michelle says:

        stop bgging asshole!!

      2. emily dollete says:

        michelle u shut the f*** up and ur the asshole bitch!

      3. justin bieber says:

        hi emily it me justin bieber wat is your number

  10. Laura says:

    JuStIn hAs A BoMB aSs VoIcE!! (ETC.) HES CUTE!!!!!

    1. justin bieber says:

      i know right

  11. Laura says:


  12. desiree says:

    aww so cute!! wish i was here! hes so cute! lucky

  13. desiree says:

    hate her right now. hes to pretyy for her :((

    1. emily dollete says:

      thanks your just jelous he was feeling on me and not you soo shut up and we r both cute for eachother and we never left eachothers eyes wen he was singing to me soo u better shut up mouth b4 i beat ur ass and then ur mouth will b shut!!!!

      1. michelle says:

        emily is tat the BS yew can give us!? so STFU emily! if ur smart enough yew wuld know wat BS n STFU wuld mean!

  14. amber says:

    those are my best friends christina and devan. they won the tickets

  15. diana says:


  16. julie says:

    i love justin bieber he is fine

  17. me says:

    to emily dollete thats was proboly the best time of your life but to him i bet it wasnt dumass

    1. emily dollete says:

      thanks ur soo nice……syke!!

  18. Renae says:

    I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER……………………… HE DESERVES TO DIE…………………………..I RATHER DIE THEN MEET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jennifer says:

      how sad y do u hate justin????

  19. Autumn says:

    justin bieber thats not my real email but if you get this i love you i have cryed about you once jordan:(

  20. brenda gomez says:

    why does everyone like justin bieber i mean the girl that won was not even cute.

    1. emily dollete says:

      thank you asshole i think im really pretty ask all the hot highskollers ive been out with bitch!!!!

  21. Nicole says:

    Amp radio you guys are soo nice.No wonder lots of people listen to your radio station.

    Love Nikii (Nicole)

  22. michelle says:

    look wat ever ur freaken ugly ass face is emily! stop bragging ur ass bout justin singing 2 yew! i mean have yew seen ur face! ur UGLY!

    1. emily dollete says:

      shut up u bitch

    2. emily dollete says:

      you need to just STFU u dont have any right to say that shit ur just a low life and yur a jack ass!!!
      and thats from the heart<3

  23. jamie says:

    omg i am totally going to win

  24. breanna says:

    hey omg i saw you emily backstage! im one of justins friends!!! he loved your smile!!! isnt he a sweety??

    1. emily dollete says:

      ofcousre:) awww thats sooo cute and i would:)…….DID HE REALLY THINK THAT!?!?!?!?!?:)))))) I WOULD LOVE FOR U TO CALL ME OR TXT ME @ 1 562 277 2695 AND I WOULD LOVE THAT:) AND THANK YOU AND I JUST WANT THE TRUTH FROM HIM SAYING THAT:))))))))

      1. justin bieber says:

        i will call you

  25. gaby says:

    omg there r katie.monica.kiana hey it meh gaby

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