Perez Hilton’s Daily Update

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: MTV Movie Awards Are Now the MTV Movie & TV Awards

TV and film actors will face off for MTV’s golden popcorn award for the first time in 25 years.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/14/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Tyra Banks Is the New Host of ‘America’s Got Talent’

America’s Got Talent has made it official!

97.1 AMP Radio–03/13/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Another Taylor Swift Stalker Was Arrested

An obsessed fan got into her apartment building several times and even harassed her management company.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/10/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Gwyneth Paltrow Isn’t Fazed By Her Critics

She just finished a Goats Milk Cleanse and doesn’t care what the haters think about it.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/09/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Pete Davidson Reveals Why He’s Missing From SNL

He told fans on it’s all because he’s made a really big change in his life.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/08/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: ‘La La Land’ Is Going On Tour

The four-time Oscar-winning movie musical kicks off their world tour at the Hollywood Bowl later this spring!

97.1 AMP Radio–03/07/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lena Dunham Has A Rihanna-Inspired Tattoo

The Girls creator thanked the Norwegian tattoo artist for the original artwork on Instagram.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/06/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Mariah Carey Might Lose Her Recording Contract

Mariah Carey was so ready to move past the rough start she had to 2017, but the universe may still be dishing out bad luck.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/03/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: The Weeknd & Bella Hadid Share The H&M Runway

Running into your ex is usually avoidable…unless you’re Bella Hadid and The Weeknd.

97.1 AMP Radio–03/02/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Live Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Will Feature A Gay Character

The live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is switching it up!!

97.1 AMP Radio–03/01/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Oscars’ Envelope Gate Explanations Come Rolling In

When it was time to announce the Best Picture winner, the Oscars had ONE job.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/28/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Chrissy Teigen Fell Asleep During The Oscars

Whether she’s on the red carpet or in the audience, Chrissy Teigen always creates a memorable moment at award shows.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/27/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kanye West Is Developing A Cosmetics Line

Move over, Kylie Jenner!

97.1 AMP Radio–02/24/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: ‘Love On The Brain’ Is Rihanna’s 30th Top 10 Hit

She officially has more Top 10 hits than Michael Jackson. SLAY.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/23/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Amber Tamblyn And David Cross Reveal Their Baby’s Name

Celebrities can get real creative with their baby names, but this easily beats them all.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/22/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lindsay Lohan Is Developing A Reality TV Show

The concept is like a cross between Punk’d and truth-or-dare.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/21/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Drake Claps Back At Kanye, Continues Feud

They’ve had a rocky relationship ever since Kanye called Drake and DJ Khaled ‘overplayed’ during a rant on the St. Pablo Tour.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/20/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Justin Bieber Headbutted A Guy

In case he wasn’t clear before, Justin Bieber does NOT want people taking pictures and video of him.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/17/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Carlos Santana Got Stung By The Beyhive

The legendary guitarist apologized after criticizing Beyonce’s music and singing talents.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/16/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Amanda Bynes Addresses Pregnancy And Marriage Rumors

Amanda Bynes has returned to Twitter after a six-month hiatus to clear the air about rumors being spread by a fake account.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/15/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Former America’s Next Top Model Contestant Shades Rita Ora

Former contestant Krislian Rodriguez claims her off-camera rivalry with the series’ host all stems from her former relationship with Calvin Harris.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/14/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lauren Juaregui Threw Shade At People Enjoying Super Bowl LI

The Fifth Harmony singer got dragged on Twitter for calling the game a distraction from current political events.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/07/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Emma Stone And Jonah Hill Reunite For Netflix Miniseries

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill were AMAZING in ‘SuperBad’. But that was way back in 2007 and honestly, it’s time for a reunion.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/06/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Harry Styles Celebrated His Birthday With Adele In Malibu

If you could celebrate your birthday with any celebrity, wouldn’t Adele be high on the list?

97.1 AMP Radio–02/03/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Beyonce’s Pregnancy May Affect Her Performance Schedule

Will she still perform at Coachella? Will she perform at the Grammys? Will she perform with Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl? So many questions!

97.1 AMP Radio–02/02/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Diego Luna Will Star In ‘Scarface’ Reboot

He’s been cast to play the lead role of Tony Montana in the reboot of ‘Scarface’.

97.1 AMP Radio–02/01/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Bruno Mars’ Dad Gave Him His Stage Name

Bruno Mars explained how his childhood nickname became his professional persona in a revealing interview with Latina Magazine.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/31/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Fifth Harmony Backs Out Of NHL All-Star Game Due To Illness

Dinah was put on a stretcher after suddenly falling ill before the group’s performance.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/30/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Mama June Will Get A Massive Makeover On Reality TV

Honey Boo Boo’s mom is going ‘From Not to Hot’

97.1 AMP Radio–01/27/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kim Kardashian’s Visit To Dubai Disability Center Under Investigation

Kim Kardashian made an extra stop in Dubai and it’s caused a full on investigation of a children’s disability center.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/25/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Angelina Jolie Will Give Her Salary For Perfume Gig To Charity

Angelina Jolie is using perfume to make the world a better place.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/24/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Malia Obama Scores Internship With Film Producer Harvey Weinstein

Is Malia setting her sights on a career in the entertainment industry?

97.1 AMP Radio–01/23/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: ‘Will & Grace’ Is Coming Back!

The original cast is all on board for a return to NBC later this year!

97.1 AMP Radio–01/19/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: NFL Denies Politics Are Off Limits During Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show

The NFL’s official statement calls the rumors “unsourced nonsense”.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/18/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Katy Perry Hosted A Suprise Birthday Party For Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry knows how to throw a birthday party!

97.1 AMP Radio–01/16/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lamar Odom Wants Khloe Kardashian Back

Lamar Odom is out of rehab and ready to focus on the future.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/13/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Drake Gave JLo A $100,000 Necklace

Does this confirm their relationship?

97.1 AMP Radio–01/12/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer Reveals Joseph Fiennes As Michael Jackson

Watch the trailer and see why the film is catching heat for the their portrayal of the icon.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/11/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Selena Gomez And Maluma Are Following Each Other On Instagram

Selena is both single and working on new music so Selenators desperately want to know what this means!

97.1 AMP Radio–01/10/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Meryl Streep Got Invited To A Mixed Martial Arts Fight

Meryl Streep called MMA “not the arts” during her acceptance speech for the Golden Globes’ Cecil B DeMille award.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/09/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Coachella Owner Denies Claims He Is Anti-LGBTQ

His response comes after Coachella fans started to reconsider their support of the festival.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/06/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Donald Trump’s Inauguration Will Have Free Weed

The D.C. Cannabis Coalition’s plan will make this inauguration ceremony unlike any before.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/05/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Mariah Carey Fires Her Creative Director

And she continues to shade Dick Clark Productions…

97.1 AMP Radio–01/04/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Producers Fire Back At Mariah Carey’s Sabotage Claims

Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance went down with the ship that was 2016, but Dick Clark Productions is not taking the blame.

97.1 AMP Radio–01/03/2017

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: The Jonas Brothers Reunite For Food Network Special

The JoBros are reuniting with the whole fam to realize their parents’ dream of opening a Southern restaurant in North Carolina.

97.1 AMP Radio–12/16/2016

Kim Kardashian West

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Kim Kardashian Unveils The Official Kimoji Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s break from social media hasn’t stopped her social media empire at all.

97.1 AMP Radio–12/15/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Rob And Chyna Are Moving Into Kylie Jenner’s House

The couple ditched plans to live at Chyna’s place in favor of Kylie’s six bed, seven bath mansion.

97.1 AMP Radio–12/14/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Lady Gaga Voices Her Support For Madonna’s ‘Women In Music’ Speech

Mother Monster has nothing but love for The Queen of Pop’s Woman of the Year acceptance speech.

97.1 AMP Radio–12/13/2016

Perez Hilton’s Daily Update: Taylor Swift Donated $100,000 To Victims Of Tennessee Wildfires

Tay’s donation supports Dolly Parton’s My People Fund, which will provide monthly donations to families who were left homeless by the fires.

97.1 AMP Radio–12/12/2016



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