Cities We’ve Been Mispronouncing For Way Too Long

By Sarah Carroll

You can spot a tourist a mile away if they pronounce words in a certain way you’re not used to.

Sometimes it’s because they have an accent, but in certain cases, they’re just straight up wrong!

Thrillist recently posted a list of the U.S. cities we’ve been mispronouncing for way too long, and gosh darn it, it blew our minds.

Read up on a few of them below and stop embarrassing yourself!

Laffayette, Lousiana

Pronounced: Laff-EE-yet

Not: Lah-FEY-et

Boise, Idaho

Pronounced: BOY-see

Not: BOY-zee

Helena, Montana

Pronounced: HELL-en-a

Not: Hel-AY-na

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Pronounced: Wilks-BARRY

Not: Wilks-BAR

La Jolla, California

Pronounced: La HOY-a


Kissimmee, Flordida

Pronounced: ka-SIM-mee

Not: KISS-a-mee

Norfolk, Virginia

Pronounced: NAW-fik

Not: Nor-FOKE

Spokane, Washington

Pronounced: Spo-CAN

Not: Spo-KANE

Click HERE to see the entire list!

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