Relationship Problems Caused By Your Zodiac Sign

By Sarah Carroll

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Gemini or an Aquarius — Astrology usually plays a major role in our relationships.

Zodiac signs can reveal so much about a person, including the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Thought Catalog recently shared the most common relationship problems you’re likely dealing with based on your sign, and even though we didn’t want to admit it, it was spot on!

Here’s just a little bit about what we learned…

Carson Daly (Cancer)

  1. Cancers need to feel loved all the time.
  2. They always worry their partner is going to leave them.
  3. They feel “suffocated” when someone gives them too MUCH attention.
  4. Cancers have a hard time deciding whether to settle down or sow their wild oats.
  5. They want marriage, kids, the whole package…but it never seems like the right time.

Producer Angie (Scorpio)

  1. Scorpios are passionate to begin with, but lose interest quickly.
  2. They don’t like to talk about their feelings…or yours!
  3. Scorpios tend to take everything very personally and often hold grudges.

Surfer Stephen (Libra)

  1. Libras like Stephen don’t like being neglected. In fact, they’re usually pretty demanding when it comes to their romantic relationships.
  2. They are indecisive about love.
  3. Cancers think they can “save” people and see the good in everyone.
  4. And here’s the whopper…Libras believe lying is better than hurting their partner, but they often get caught!

Sarah (Gemini)

  1. We Geminis are extremely self-absorbed and don’t pay attention to our partner’s needs.
  2. We hate routines. Getting “comfortable” with your partner feels like the romance is gone.
  3. Geminis fight a lot about ridiculous things…definitely guilty of that one!
  4. We are territorial when it comes to our living spaces and disagree with our partners about home decor.

Want to learn about how your zodiac sign affects your relationship? Click HERE for the entire list!

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