"I cried all day long because I just felt so violated and so overwhelmed."

By Rahul Lal

There has been a recent string of break-ins and robberies at the Los Angeles estates of stars like A$AP Rocky, Scott Disick and members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Amber Rose was the latest victim but was lucky to not have any items stolen or her well-being threatened. Instead, the man who broke in decided to just stay in the house for hours while Amber was asleep. On CBS Radio’s Loveline with Amber Rose, she discussed the ordeal.

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“He did it in a very quiet way and, you know, we were all in the house sleeping so nobody would’ve heard anything the way he did it,” she said. “I’ve seen the publications – they’re like ‘yeah, he put a hole through the window then reached in’ and I’m like, we all would’ve woke up if we heard that in the house. We’re not idiots. I have a full team of security so he got in, he made his way in, he didn’t take anything. I think he just wanted to be in the ambiance of my house which isn’t the first time I heard that – you know, stalkers and weird people. God bless him, man. I appreciate that you love me so much but please, do not come in my house. Don’t even send me flowers, just tweet me, man, and I’ll tweet you back, bro.”

Amber had tight security before but has even stronger security now with a 24-hour team on the job. While many speculated that there was a bat thrown through her window and glass shattered everywhere, she dispelled those rumors by saying he found a quiet way to break-in without disclosing the details for her own safety.

“It was very, very scary,” Rose says. “Me and my baby were here and I’m not really a cryer but the whole day I cried all day long because I just felt so violated and so overwhelmed and having all these bad thoughts like what if he knocked on my bedroom door?”

“I would’ve thought it was my assistant,” she admitted. “I would’ve just opened the door and I’m there with my baby and something would’ve happened. I just thought of all the worst case scenarios that could’ve happened that night. Based off of what he did, he wasn’t violent because my assistant actually went to the kitchen about 4:30 in the morning and based off the security cameras, he was still in my house and my assistant was still in my kitchen. He went to go hide somewhere in my house because he heard a door open so if he was violent, he would’ve did something then but he didn’t. I don’t know, man. I hope that they catch him and that he doesn’t do that to anyone else.”

To hear the full episode of Loveline with Amber Rose, listen below.


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