Trending Forward: Award Show Edition

By Alex D. 

Alright it’s that time of year! There’s a different award show on every single weekend… from the Grammy’s to the Emmy’s to the Daytime Emmy’s (still not really sure why they have to have two shows)… and that means that everyone is going to be checking out the fashion. This past week, I was lucky enough to go to the People’s Choice Awards.

ALEX: I went very simple, but with something that would stand out. My favorite clothing item is shoes, so I went with Steve Madden camo chukka boots. They run about $85-$160 depending on style and color. That was by far the most expensive piece I wore. My jeans are simple black American Eagle, button- up from H&M, jacket from Forever 21, and necklace/watch also from Forever, my outfit cost me about $200 from head to toe.

Basically, my motto is- pick one flashy thing and match around that. Don’t spend too much for one outfit… I didn’t buy anything special for this show, I literally went in to my closet, remembered I had those shoes, and built my outfit around that. How’d you choose your outfit?

OPHI: Dang! For real? You look like a million bucks, mama! As for me, you know I do black on black on blaaaackk. Like always. But they are always different blacks and different textures and styles. (This is normally where people start to think I’m crazy, but other ‘black attire’ lovers get me – hehe) Anyway, I was wearing a lot of bargain finds. My coat is from Fashion Q (~$30) and my black short velvet dress is from Ross ($27). I was wearing Steve Madden’s “Cynthia Zipper Gold Block-Heel Booties” (retail $139 but I found them at Ross for $25 – no lie, still excited about it). The piece that I wanted to stand out was the massive silver choker that I was wearing, I found it at Nordstrom’s Rack on sale for $16 (normally $150). It has such a great design to it and it doesn’t feel bulky. I spent about $100 on this outfit, and all of it is versatile meaning it could be used in multiple ways – dressed down or up. Best part is, it could have easily cost me $300 plus, but I like to shop smart! I’m sure we’ll do a blog on how to find bargains soon!

ALEX: I mean… look, we both killed it. But my favorite celebrity outfit was definitely J. Lo.

(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for Fashion Media)

OPHI: Man, that woman does not age! She looked amazing. My favorite was definitely ‘Orange is the New Black’ star, Ruby Rose. She was wearing a sexy bright-orange pantsuit by Veronica Beard. Plus, LOOK AT THAT BOLD LIP! Ugh, I’m done. She looked amazing.  

(Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for Fashion Media)

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