By Sarah Carroll

The Bachelorette is all about JoJo’s quest to find true love, but there’s a new star stealing her spotlight and he goes by the name of Chad!

The 28-year-old luxury real estate agent is our first official villain of the season and we’re loving every minute of it.

“He has it all,” Booker told Carson Daly this morning on 97.1 AMP Radio. “You love him. You hate him. You can’t wait until he kills someone. He walks around the house and just eats lunch meat. Every stupid scene, he’s eating protein! He’s eating meat during the rose ceremony! The guy’s a total meat head.”

Chad has already ruffled some feathers in the house after interrupting some of the other men’s one-on-one time with JoJo. He even got into an argument with a Marine, but Booker thinks the rest of the guys need to man up.

“It’s part of the show. Guys cut in on every date. That’s how it happens.”

The real question is…what does JoJo think of all Chad’s antics?

“She’s into it, but she kind of senses that he’s The Hulk. Girls like bad guys and that’s what he is — a bad boy — so she kind of likes him.”

“Here’s the thing,” he continued. “Everyone hates him, but you think you like him…Yes, he’s kind of a caveman, but he’s this very direct guy. He’s very honest with everyone.

Believe it or not, there are 19 other men BESIDES Chad on this show and JoJo took some of them on a group date to a firefighter boot camp. No surprises here: Grant, the actual firefighter, won the competition.

But our favorite moment of that outing came about thanks to radio DJ Wells. He passed out from heat exhaustion within just a few minutes!

“I mean, way to rep your radio brethren!” Booker laughed. “He did get the first impression rose because I think JoJo felt badly for him! He should trade that rose in for a gym membership.”

Derek, a 29-year-old commercial banker, was chosen for a coveted one-on-one date, but Booker didn’t seem that impressed.

“I fast forwarded through him. He was very boring.”

However, there is one man-testant named Luke that, gasp, Booker actually likes!

“He seems cooler than most of the other schmucks on the show. I would say he’s my front-runner. I’m going to go ahead and name that in Week #2. Luke. So, keep your eye on him.”

All in all, JoJo seems to be settling into her role quite well. This week’s Kiss Count topped out at 6 make outs!

“She’s making out with every dude on the show, but some of the making out’s kind of begrudgingly making out,” Booker said.

When all was said and done, JoJo decided at the rose ceremony to eliminate hipster Brandon, engineer Will, and Bachelor superfan James S. from the competition.

That means Week #2 is officially in the books! Make sure to find Booker on Twitter (@ChrisBooker) to follow along with his Bachelorette live-tweets every Monday night and then tune in Tuesdays at 8:10am for his full recap!

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