Top 10 Oreo Cookie Flavors We Need To Try Right Now

by Sasha Huff

Alright.  We’re hitting that mid-day, Friday crash. So we’re thinking about snacks, ok? Don’t hate.

Our snacking day dreams landed us thinking about all of the amazing new Oreo Cookie flavors that have come out recently and how crazy it is to think that these even exist.

It’s hard to believe that anyone would feel the need to change something that is already so perfect, but it appears that Oreo is continuing to expand the flavor options, and we’re not mad at it.

So we thought we’d make a list of the Top 10 Oreo flavors that we (that includes YOU!) need to try.

1) Marshmallow Crispy – These taste like rice crispy treats, and they are amazing. We had them at a BBQ recently, and the fact that we didn’t eat the entire package was pretty incredible. They really taste like a marshmallow treat! They are limited edition, but you need to go find them right now.

2) Birthday Cake – We’ve heard that these are addictive. Like. The people we know that have had them pretty much say that you need to be careful because you may start eating them for breakfast.

3) Coconut Delight – Oh yes, these are fudge covered and taste like coconut. Again, we’ve heard really, really good things about these, and if we remember correctly, someone said they are vegan. But please correct us if we heard that wrong!

4) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – JOY TO THE WORLD. Two of our favorite sweets mixed together in one, delicious cookie. Did we just die and go to heaven? SOMEONE PINCH US!!

5) Watermelon – Admittedly, these sound kind of horrifying but we can’t pass up the opportunity to try something weird and watermelon flavored.

6) Banana Split – Um yes, hi. We like banana splits. We like cookies. We like all of the above. What will this taste like in a cookie? No idea, but we’re in.

7) Cookie Dough – WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? This is so meta. Cookie dough flavored cookies. HAHAHA. It’s like you just busted our brain wide open, searched around for our most favorite things ever, and then put them into cookie form.

8) Ice Cream – This is the lazy man’s dream. Cookies with ice cream, except without actual ice cream, and just with the cookie. We’re down for it. Ship it, Oreo people. Send over the goods and no one gets hurt!

9) Dulce De Leche – YAAAAAAAAAS Oreo! YAAAAAAAAS. Bring us the Dulce de Leche and we will salsa dance our way to heaven together. You are speaking the language of love to us right now and we are willing to fall for you!

10) Strawberry Milkshake – We feel like these would take us back to a poodle skirt wearing time, when dates took you to the local diner and our hair was set in curls. Take us to the sock hop, Oreo. Take us there.

To find any of these cookies, click here and give it a search!


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