Watch Producer Angie Get Hypnotized By Sasha Carrion

Earlier this week, Producer Angie confessed she’s never eaten a salad in her life and wants to start eating more veggies.

One of her friends suggested hypnotherapy and one of our listeners who happens to be certified in the field called in earlier this week, but his methods didn’t seem to make a dent in Angie’s serious sweet tooth.

We decided to have a do-over this morning with all the right conditions. We brought hypnotherapist Sasha Carrion into the studio to work her magic.

“I got into this because this was the one thing that worked for me,” Carrion explained. “I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety, stemming from some pretty bad childhood trauma that I had experienced. As an adult, it had resurfaced.”

When Carrion was young, both of her parents disappeared and after years had passed by, she was told by a family member that her father had murdered her own mother. This revelation caused Sasha significant psychological trauma.

“I tried everything: a psychologist, a psychiatrist. I took the pills. If anything, they just stupefied me. They never got to the core of what the issues were.”

Carrion turned her life around six years ago when she decided to give hypnotherapy a try.

“Honestly, I went from suicidal to being alive and thriving.”

After getting certified, Carrion opened her own practice and has helped her clients overcome a number of ailments, bad habits, and psychological issues.

“The majority of requests that I get are just from average people who just want to make a positive change, that want to change a bad pattern into a good one. My top request is anxiety,” Carrion revealed. “Statistically speaking, they have found that L.A. is one of the most anxious cities in the country.”

Producer Angie may not be riddled with anxiety, but she is concerned about her eating habits. Many of us have preconceived notions of what exactly hypnosis looks like, but Sasha assured that it’s not like what you see at a magic show or on TV.

“My goal is to help her get what she wants and that’s the thing that’s very important: this isn’t mind control. I’m going based on what she tells me she wants and there’s no who-do voodoo or anything like that. There’s no quacking, there’s no barking.”

Check out a short clip of Producer Angie getting hypnotized below:

Did you hear Producer Angie get hypnotized during the morning show? Listen to the whole thing on!

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It’s important to note that the results aren’t automatic. Producer Angie will continue to listen to audio tapes at night to overcome her sweet tooth and we’ll check back in later to see if she’s a changed woman!

If you’d like to give hypnotherapy a try, take a look at Sasha Carrion’s website. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

-Sarah Carroll, 97.1 AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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